Debra Beatty_1We are hearing a lot of lip service about increasing the wages of employees who make minimum wage. Do the citizens of the city of Mesquite understand the fall out from increasing the employees wage? Does the management team of Mesquite understand what increasing the wages of employees will do especially at this time. What guarantees do the citizens of Mesquite have that another wage increase will not be requested one year from now? Why can’t an employee wage increase be delayed until Mesquite is financially healthy?

Politicians have the habit of increasing taxes and spending That is not the answer to money problems. Money management is the answer to money problems. Generally speaking it is well documented that there is money waste in government to include city government. Understanding the role of city government is vital. Understanding the job description of every city employee is necessary. Are the city employees performing at peak performance? What was the understanding and agreement with those employees when they were hired?

Currently our town is burdened with problems. We have empty shopping malls. Why?

Why does our town have a problem with small business flourishing? Why is our town still losing small businesses? Why is it so difficult to obtain a business license in the town of Mesquite, Nevada? Why does our town have high cost of utilities? Why? Has the mayor of our town done an inventory and determined those current jobs that Mesquite must absolutely have in order to function? Has he decided what to do with the un-necessary jobs?

The answer to many problems is new business moving into Mesquite. We need to fill the empty store fronts with shop owners who understand business. And we must be able to retain those new businesses that come to our town. Mesquite must have functioning employees who are productive. No exception. Those lining their pockets with tax payers money leave now. Citizens of our town must step up to the plate. Are you one of the doers or are you just a whiner? Complaining does nothing but make people unhappy. Do you support your local Community College? If not, why? Why do we have a college that people are not supporting? We need the college to educate our young and old alike. We need to exercise our brains. A college in our community is a selling point to attract new business to Mesquite. New comers to Mesquite do not want nor need to listen to the worn out complaints of a few who won’t do anything but flap their mouths. We need positive, supportive, productive citizens