To the Editor:

There are some who believe a website is not anonymous simply because it has a mandatory URL (website address). The anonymity resides in not disclosing the names of the host; the steering committee members; the webmaster; the donors; the participating “concerned citizens”; and recall petition signers. That information is needed to determine the credibility of those people and if they are members of the Mesquite Vistas Community Association (the association) since by state law, only unit owners can initiate a recall petition (NRS 116.31036).

In September 2013 I attended the kickoff meeting of the anonymous website hosted by Mesquite’s ex­mayor, Charles Horne, in the office of Mesquite Property Management located 345 Calais Drive in Mesquite. The meeting included about 10 people and no local press attendees. One of the stated objectives was to recall me as President of the Mesquite Vistas Board for alleged wrongdoing that has never been substantiated. A whole year has passed and while some claim the necessary number of petition signatures have been obtained, there is no evidence to support that.

So guess what? Those signatures are also anonymous. Doesn’t a person have the right to face his/her accusers?

In an article I posted on the “Let’s Talk Nevada” website on July 11, 2014 I suggested the recall petition was never intended to trigger an actual recall but to intimidate me and others from running for election in November or just poison the voter’s minds if I did run. Many believe doing this is just another form of bullying.

I followed up on that suggestion in my annual President’s Message to association members and told potential candidates, “Don’t be intimidated into not running for one of the three open seats” (in the November election). At the association’s board meeting held last week, a homeowner stated he was inspired by my message and submitted his candidate form for that pending election.

Since that meeting, a former association board member said he thinks the recall petition is full of “gobbledygook” and will likely submit his candidate form for the November election.

Not surprisingly, Portia Stuckey and Dick Wilson have objected to my President’s Message since they are the same ones defending the anonymous website and who are invested in taking over the association with their own personal agendas.

Gordon Shepherd, President
Mesquite Vistas Community Association