MLN-Davidsept25-14In 1999 David Neufeld came to Mesquite to start a Bible Church.  While sitting in his office one day at the Church, Fire Chief Derek Hughes came in to do a business inspection.  Impressed with his meeting, he asked Dave if he wanted to try being a Reserve Firefighter.  Taking Chief Hughes up on his offer, he worked from 2002 through 2006 as a Reserve Firefighter. During that time, Dave went to school and eventually became a Paramedic.  In 2007, Mesquite Fire Rescue was awarded the SAFER Grant, which allowed the department to nearly double in size.  Dave was able to become a fulltime firefighter/paramedic as a result of this grant.  For the last several years, he has been taking classes to better himself and the fire dept.  He has taken several classes to become an Instructor in numerous facets of Emergency Medical Services for the First Responder.  This has allowed Mesquite Fire Rescue to teach these required recertification classes in house, and has saved the City of Mesquite thousands of dollars.  He also teaches CPR to the community and teaches as part of the Paramedic Program at Dixie State University on his days off.

For the past four years Dave has served as the Department Chaplain.  Unfortunately this past year, the Mesquite Fire Rescue family has had to deal with a few losses.  He has provided us with guidance, support, love, and prayers to navigate these tragedies.

Recently, Dave took the Fire Captain test and often functions as the Acting Captain for C-Shift when is Captain is off.  He has been with Mesquite Fire Rescue for 12 years, either as a reserve or full time, and is looking forward to his next 12 years!

Firefighter/Paramedic David Neufeld has represented this department with honor.  His dedication to duty is unmatched and it is my pleasure to announce this award.