Back row: Principal Phyllis Leavitt, Business Manager Kevin Boyer. Front row shows l-r: Shyanne Pierce, Yarelly Garcia, Mercedes Jauregui, Brehana Reed, and Marselle Quintanilla.

Rewards for a job well done are common reinforcements in the workplace.  In order to teach the eaglets at Beaver Dam Elementary School that working hard does pay, each fall there are cash drawings held for students who successfully passed the spring state tests.  The cash for the drawings come from generous donations of faculty and staff.  On hand to draw the names was Mr. Kevin Boyer, Littlefield Business Manager.

The first bucket for the prizes of $20 each was filled with names of students who passed at least one of the AIMS tests in the spring.  These tests are given in grades three through six at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  The winner of the $20 bills were Stacey Beltran and Adrianne Perez, who are now 7th graders at Beaver Dam Middle School.  Two sixth grade students, Brehana Reed and Marselle Quintanilla also received a $20 prize.  The last award for $20 went to Shyanne Piece who is currently in fifth grade.  Each student was pleasantly surprised.  Shyanne said, “I didn’t think I’d win!”  Marselle said she was “surprised” and “didn’t even think she’d passed the test!”

The next prize was $50 and students who passed two tests had their names in the bucket.  The winner was fifth grader Yarelly Garcia who said she “never has had a $50 bill before”. Yarelly is pleased with her prize but quick to add that she likes school very much because “it’s nice to come and learn.”

With one name left to draw, there was a hush of expectation and wonder as to whether the girls would sweep the prizes this year or if a boy would capture the $100.  Students who passed every AIMS test had their names in the bucket.  The winner was Mercedes Jauregui who is currently in the fifth grade. The ladies took home all of the prizes! Mercedes was overwhelmed with her good fortune and admitted she was “VERY surprised”.

Alexander Eagle, mascot and protector of the beloved eagles, joins then entire staff in congratulating the many students whose names were in the buckets for this annual drawing.  It is their diligent commitment to learning which enables them to both pass tests and develop strong academic skills which will do them well as they move into adulthood.  All of these fine students are given the full two-wing salute for their progress at Beaver Dam Elementary School!