VVWD logoVVWD logoVVWD logoIn a meeting Tuesday night, the Virgin Valley Water District Board and attendees continued discussion on possible rate increases and structuring.

With help from VVWD Manager Kevin Brown, Aaron Bunker, Wes Smith and Mike Chandler of Bowen, Collins & Associates, slideshows were presented catching the crowd up on the previous meeting in August.

After reevaluating the last meeting’s numbers, Brown was able to come back this time with lower numbers showing that the projection for the next six years could be lower than initially anticipated.

“We’ve done all we can at this point to reduce costs and reduce the rate increase,” Brown said. “There will be an impact, but not too bad.”

With this restructuring of the rates that the staff of the VVWD is proposing comes a new Tier Level system. The initial appearance of the system throws the impression that this rate increase could make or break some of the businesses in town, such as golf courses.

“We’re trying to be as impartial as possible to distribute the costs,” said Chandler.

No action was taken at Tuesday’s meeting but the board and staff did emphasize that public input was welcomed.

The next discussion for the rate increase proposal will be at the Tuesday, October 21 meeting at 5 p.m. at the VVWD, 500 Riverside Road. Other discussion sessions may be available in the future if enough interest is shown from residents and businesses.