Littlefield fire department shooting water at students.

Littlefield fire department shooting water at students.

The annual Water Day celebration at Beaver Dam Elementary has become a tradition since its inception in 2010 by Top Eagle, Mrs. Phyllis Leavitt. It allows the eagles to flock together and bid a fond farewell to the freedom of summer.  With cries of glee the eagles drench themselves in cool water on a hot, summer Friday.

Until shortly before school is out, it is business as usual.  Students are working in their classrooms.  Thoughts begin to wander towards the sunny playground as the smell of hot dogs cooking from Miss Susan’s restaurant wafts through the hallways in the afternoon.  As the day bakes on, the students know that the bus ride home will be much cooler than usual.  They glance out the windows as hoses are put into place and swimming pools are filled with water.

Finally the announcement comes:  Students, it’s time for water days!  Once on the playground they are served yummy hotdogs with a cold drink.  Then it is time to get down to business!  The younger eaglets have small water slides on the lawn and several pools to dip into to cool themselves off.  It is a wonderful time to visit with and dunk friends!  The older eaglets gather at the other side of the playground to be drenched by sprinklers, go down larger water slides, and run in water provided by the Beaver Dam Fire truck hose! A special thanks goes to Captain Damen Jackson, Chief Jeff Hunt,  and Battalion Chief Andre Ojeda for helping make Water Day such a success!    

Some eaglets took a break to give their opinions of Water Day.  Fourth grader Arath Santos said, “This is fun; I like getting wet!”  Gavyn Williams, also in fourth grade, commented, “I like Water Day because it’s safe.” Third grader Antonio Carrillo said, “It’s fun.  You get to get wet!”  Desi Sponseller, also in third grade, likes the activity because “you get sprayed by water and you get to go down water slides.”  When a teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous was asked, she replied, “it’s a lot of fun for the kids and worth it, but I can’t wait to go home and take a nap.”

There are many activities which take place at Beaver Dam Elementary School that foster a strong and friendly community spirit.  It is this small-town feeling which makes Beaver Dam such a special place to go to school.  Childhood flies by as quickly as the eaglets swooped down those water slides.  The entire Beaver Dam Community works together to ensure that the childhood remembered by Beaver Dam Eagles is as cherished as they are by the staff.014013