On a daily basis, there is always someone, somewhere, complaining about something. Mesquite is no exception to that rule. Working in the media for the past four years has opened my eyes to more of that than I could have ever imagined. Some of it is positive, but a lot of it is negative. And it is too easy to get caught up in that negativity when it keeps hitting over and over again.

Since the building boom that Mesquite saw several years ago, and then the recession that the city is still trying to recover from, I am reminded of something that I learned long before I moved to Mesquite.

Before moving here in 2009 and working for the MLN in 2010, I had my own business in Internet Marketing. At the time, E-books were the rage, providing an abundance of knowledge and resources.

Among them was something that I found to be very beneficial. You may have heard about it; it’s called The Secret. I know, not much of a secret now, but it was at the time.

I never did read the book, but I read reviews and snippets about it. And I believe it is something that Mesquite can benefit from.

The whole idea is that your point of view and outlook at any one moment will attract that kind of events or such towards you. Mad about the new Medical Marijuana Store going in on the other side of town? Upset that the roads in front of your house are not to your liking? Or how about that dog in the neighborhood that just won’t stop yapping? Well, then chances are a lot of things have been going ‘wrong’ or are about to. And once they start, it is oh so very hard to get them to stop. It’s also known as the Law of Attraction.

I think that is what has happened to Mesquite.

The citizens, me included, have been thinking so negatively for so long that there’s just this negative vibe running amuck in our streets. It seems like everywhere I go, all I am hearing is negative things about this or that business, or this or that person.

What if I told you that it all change? That Mesquite could, in fact, survive and bounce back from this recession faster than anywhere else in Nevada?

Would you be part of that change?

Over the past couple of weeks, the world has been smitten with the ALS challenge, raising money for the ALS foundation… I’m going to go one step further… I am going to challenge all of you to this ‘Think Positive Challenge.’

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to change the way you look at Mesquite. Stop thinking about those ruts in the road, that yappy dog, or the next dispensary. Instead, focus on what we have that is good: an abundance of sun, beautiful weather, businesses that care and community members, although retired, working day to day to make a difference.

Change the way you talk about Mesquite. Observing, focusing and accepting the good aspects are only half the battle. The other half is promoting that positive vibe to those around you. Those you interact with will not always agree with you, and they may even try to bring you back to the ‘dark side,’ but it is your choice.

This won’t cost you any money. But it will challenge how you think, talk and live day to day.

Remember that Mesquite is a good place. There are kind people here. It is possible to make a difference, even if it’s just in your mind.

I’m not selling any kool-aid here, I’m not trying to brain wash all of you into a false realization… I am simply suggesting that if we all started to look at the brighter side to Mesquite, the changes could be amazing.

It won’t be instantaneous. No one has a magic wand to wave. There are no guarantees. But don’t be surprised if you see more positive things happening around you and in your personal life. I’ve been there, it does work, when you let it.