Debra Beatty_1Senior citizens who sign up for the CERT classes are receiving an rewarding activity that is enjoyable, one that contributes to personal growth, offers the opportunity to learn new skills and allows them to make new friends at the same time. The classes are free and are held in the Fire and Rescue building located on 3 John Deere Dr. Fire Station number 3.The conference room is spacious, comfortable and conducive to learning. Enrollee’s from previous classes have not been disappointed.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was first implemented 1985 by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The CERT program is now nation wide. Community projects are undertaken and performed by CERT members after proper training in the class room. CERT members are trained to be prepared for emergencies, to be able to help themselves, family members and people of their community in the event of a disaster. They are taught basic disaster response skills, like safety, light search and rescue, team organization. CERT Members manage utilities and small fires. CERT trainees are taught disaster medical operations, vital assessment skills and triage techniques. They are taught to open airways, control bleeding and to give short basic medical aid. Trainees are learning CPR and how to use an AED.

CERT is an ideal activity for Senior citizens. Trainees experience a new sense of accomplishment Both men and women are encouraged to become involved. It is an activity that couples can do together. It is an activity that one person can undertake.

New classes are forming this fall under the direction of John Guglielmo and Belinda Guglielmo. Call Belinda 702-613-4415 to enroll and/or obtain additional information.