As summer draws to an end, the yearly migration of eagles to Beaver Dam Elementary School begins.  Swooping down from Scenic, Jones’ Flat, Littlefield, Desert Springs, and Beaver Dam the students began the school on August 11.  This year top eagle, Mrs. Leavitt and mascot Alexander Eagle joined the staff to warmly greet the beloved students.  The eaglets themselves were docked out in new attire and came to school with an attitude of expectation.  Fifth graders Prisilla Manch and Evelyn Santos were looking forward to seeing friends and meeting their new teacher.  Second grader Luke Sessions cheerfully announced that he “loves school; it’s the BEST place to be!”

Students and Teachers playing indoor hockey. Submitted photo.

Students and Teachers playing indoor hockey. Submitted photo.

Lots of work goes into preparing the school nest for the flock’s arrival.  Custodians had the school squeaky clean and ready to go.  Teachers spent many hours fixing the classroom up so that each decor would reflect a positive learning environment.  Miss Susan’s restaurant served up her customary delicious breakfast, and the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls filled the hallways.

Teachers performing “Everything is Awesome.” Submitted photo.

The theme of the year is “Teamwork”.  After the first flag ceremony, students were entertained by the teacher-eagles’ performance of “Everything is Awesome”.  The song is about how everything is possible if you are part of a team.  This set the stage for a competitive hockey match featuring teachers and students working together to score.  The match finished with a draw, bringing home the point that teamwork gets the job done and works for everyone!

Beaver Dam Elementary School again made AYP (adequate yearly progress) thanks to the leadership and hard work of the staff.  This year the “Beyond Textbooks” technological program will be incorporated in each classroom. This component provides teachers with materials which can individualize instruction as well as review concepts as needed. The school’s goal is to make sure every child is given many opportunities to learn and express knowledge and creativity.  As a team, which includes parents, staff and students, Beaver Dam Elementary is ready for the new year where everything will be “awesome”!