ME-OVERTHEHILL-APR11_46Medicare was 49 years old on July 30th. The popular health care program is valued and beloved by many older Americans.

Then US President LB Johnson signed Medicare into law in the Harry S Truman Library July 30, 1965. President Johnson said, “It all started with the man from Independence.”

Former President Harry S. Truman, is the man from Independence. In office only seven months, President Truman sent a message to Congress calling for the creation of a national health Insurance fund open to all Americans, November 19, 1945. President Truman stressed that health care had to be made available with qualified Doctors, nurses and hospitals to all Americans regardless of where they lived. He further pointed out that 45 % of people living in rural areas did not have access to hospitals and/or doctors.

Prior to President Truman’s message, Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and FDR advocated a national health Insurance.

Twenty years after President Truman’s recommendation Medicare became a reality offering quality health care to 50 million Americans who are 65+.

Medicare’s future looks good despite an increase in the number of enrollee’s due to baby boomers reaching retirement age.