Lisa2014_1 Theft is a worldwide problem, but when they steal mail or unattended packages right at your doorstep, you are dealing with a variety of thievery; not necessarily one gender or age specific today. So, have you ever ordered an item and it never arrived? I have, but luckily it was through a company that didn’t have a problem sending out another one out to me immediately. However, when it comes to the United States Post Office, UPS or FED EX… we are dealing with a different problem, as they continue to leave packages without signatures (some do not require a signature), and apparently do not always comply to their own company rules; few drivers take responsibility and finding lost packages is like looking for lost luggage at an airline these days.

Recently in a retirement community, I was told about missing packages at numerous doorsteps that were supposedly delivered, yet when the owners arrived home… there were no packages. According to local police in that area, it appears that UPS trucks are being followed discreetly, then moments later… arriving at your doorstep is the package… not to mention the thief who watches carefully as the truck pulls away. I must add here that many of these types of burglaries come in pairs, meaning there is someone driving the getaway vehicle while the other approaches the doorstep, grabbing the box (or boxes) and taking off. In a past 2014 video released by a home owner with a camera in Oklahoma, it showed a young woman getting out of a newer vehicle which pulled right into the driveway, walking up to the door and retrieving the 2 boxes sitting there, and putting them in the backseat of the car, while her partner pulls away. You can check this story out on…doorstep .

There are no specifics on the types of people that commit these kinds of crimes, nor are they all caught. If you are a person that orders frequently on line or through specific companies, you must always check their guidelines prior to having anything sent; as this crime continues… we need to be more aware, taking the proper steps to ensure we receive what was ordered. Usually insurance is offered at an additional cost, whether it’s through the company or carrier; Carriers offer tracking numbers but it doesn’t insure against thievery, and I believe some of the thefts are inside jobs. Last year I arrived at a Las Vegas Post Office on my birthday, where I was to pick up a card and show ID and give them a signature. When the postal worker brought my pink envelope (from my daughter), I noticed it was ripped open on two sides; I couldn’t believe my eyes… as I just had all of my possessions stolen off a moving truck! The post office had no explanation whatsoever, and the supervisor could have cared less. It was my responsibility to call the 1-800 numbers to find out if the gift card left inside had any money left on it. Naturally after being traumatized by the theft of my belongings, this experience just threw me over the edge in tears once again.

Unattended packages at doorsteps are open invitation these days, so protect what is yours, or shall I say should be. Installing corner cameras can help catch the thief (or thieves) involved. Also, when sending out packages, make sure you have a tracking number and “Clear Instructions” as to how you want it delivered… securely. It’s amazing at how posting cameras online can actually help catch a thief these days. Crimes committed need to be punished, but it’s obvious in this day and age we all need to help in this area, taking action; even if we have to install our own security cameras. We all need to protect ourselves, and our neighbors… so in the case you might not be home during a delivery, let someone you trust know about it; it just may ensure your package arrives in safe hands.

Have a Safe and Happy Week.