Time is like a river, you can never touch the same water twice because the flow that has gone by will never go by again. Enjoy your life today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Enjoy!
– Unknown

Enjoy each and every day that we have been given. Make the most of the opportunities waiting for us to reach out and grab.

The hot day prevented out-of-door activity. Mundane daily tasks seemed un-important. Wandering aimlessly around my house, I was bored. I went to the large window and looked out. My eyes caught the most delightful scene. Two short haired orange colored cats and one gray cat with long hair were casually lounging in the green grass in front. Caressing the firm earth surface with their out-stretched front legs they relaxed. The grass had been watered in the morning. I suspect the ground was still moist and probably felt good to the four legged felines. They slowly rolled their bodies in the soft green carpet covering the earth. Lying on their backs they gently rocked side to side, paused, and repeated the rocking back and forth. Finally stretching to the limit, they looked like they were doing yoga. They tapped one another with their paws as they frolicked. They were quite comfortable with one another. Finally they placed their heads on folded legs and took a nap. They seemed oblivious to the heat from the hot sun. It was obvious that the three were friends. Happiness radiated from the green grass.

The pleasure I felt watching the felines enjoy themselves is un-measurable. Joy spread throughout my body and mind. I felt silent excitement that these little four legged creatures were having so much fun playing in the thick green grass. I watched every move they made. I wish them the pleasure that they gave to me as I spied upon them. After watching the three cats, I better understood the above saying.

I wish that humans could find enjoyment, pure joy and contentment from the little things in life; celebrate life.