Lisa2014_1Running red lights is nothing new; in fact I see it almost every day. What is most disturbing is that majority of these runners are usually engaged in a face down position, using their cell phones; oblivious to what’s around them. What sparked this topic for me was the fact I nearly got broadsided by a young girl, while she was texting (face down), she must have been going at least the speed limit, which was 55mph on this desolate country road; as so was I. The difference here … I had a green light, and while approaching it I glanced in each direction, from left to right from a distance; at which time I began watching her because she never looked up or even slowed down. I embraced the wheel, while pressing the horn, hoping to gain her attention… but it never happened. Instead, I swerved while slamming on the brakes, barely missing a head on collision. My heart raced so fast, I had to pull over… however, she looked up and in her rear view mirror showed a surprised expression on her face… and just kept on going. If I had to take an educated guess at her age (?); I would say she was maybe 20 or so, at best. So what is it going to take to stop people from using cell phones while driving? Is there an answer here, because I am completely frustrated with those that continue to text and drive, or how about the women putting on makeup in their visor mirrors while driving? As for the men… they text as well, or what about those using laptops while driving? My goodness people… what is it going to take!?

I am well aware of the cameras in intersections, which will take your photo if speeding through certain zones; such as schools, but also for running red lights. The ticket will then come in your mail, and much to your surprise… it will show a photo of you behind the wheel while driving; kind of like a “Gotchya’” type ticket. However, it seems that out in the far lands of the desert or country, those don’t exist and most everyone is aware of this. All it takes is a quick moment of looking away, and before you know it … you are endangering your life or someone else’s. I have been very fortunate, but I know others that have not been. I’ve often wondered lately if these red light runners might be the same drivers that ignore construction signs on the highways; you know the ones… “Construction, SLOW DOWN, Fines Doubled.”  Over the holiday I was driving in one of these zones, and the speed was 45 mph. I noticed I was doing 50mph and slowed it down, but that didn’t matter… the fellow behind me got angry and flew by as if I was standing still. Is there no regard for life anymore? I don’t know the answer to these problems, and it is quite concerning. Hopefully one day cell phones won’t be allowed anywhere on the road, unless you invest in hands free, should one be able to use the phone while behind the wheel. There are more deaths due to cell phone usage than anything else anymore. Shouldn’t this be our first clue? Please… try to change your habits if you must use your phone while driving; You just might save a life, including your own.

Make your week count.