To the editor:

Saturday (June 26) was a great day to start my summer vacation. Friends came in to wish me well and to let me know they would miss the great conversations and the terrific bargains they always find at my shop.  Then in the afternoon a great group of ladies showed up ready to shop and have a great time.  I want to “thank” Lydia LaDuc for organizing these ladies in a day of Boutique shopping, lunch and the afternoon frolic.  I can’t begin to tell what it’s like to have that kind of support for our businesses, especially during this time of year.  I was amazed that more than 26 ladies managed to come out in 106 degree heat and stay the course.  Ladies, you were awesome!  I hope to see all of you when Klasik Kloset reopens in September.

I want to also “thank” all of my supporters and volunteers who give of their time, in helping me stock the racks, iron the clothes and keep the shop looking clean and neat.  I wouldn’t be there with out them.  Thanks everyone.

Sandi Sorenson

Klasik Kloset Consignment Boutique