Debra Beatty_1For your information the Law Project in Las Vegas. 310 S. 9th Street provides free advocacy services and legal assistance to citizens who are 60 years and older and reside in Clark County. They are on the 2nd floor of the downtown senior services center, Las Vegas. The telephone number is 702-229-6596. Citizens are asked to call for an appointment before coming to the office. Previously stated the services are free except the clients are asked to pay any court costs and the cost of filing legal papers if there are any.

This service is intended to provide quality legal services that are free to the most vulnerable groups of citizens, senior citizens living on fixed incomes and disabled persons. The services enable these persons to live independently while legally protecting their assets. The center has an website that gives information that you might want to read before visiting the center. The site lists the legal services performed. Senior citizens have problems which are unique to the aging process and which happen because of the age of the person, therefore, it is helpful to have a center which is trained and specialize in law which deals with “old age.”

If you are having difficulty with anyone and/or just need legal advise this is an great opportunity. Keep the phone number on your refrigerator door along with other important telephone numbers. You can have peace of mind now knowing that there is help if you need that help. Las Vegas is 82 miles from Mesquite. Currently the estimated time to drive the distance is 1 hour and 20 minutes.