Jerry-Myers_12_26Summer is here and the kids are out of school.  What some parents do not realize is that if they do not have their children practicing reading and writing during the summer break, something referred to as “Summer Slide” can occur.

Summer Slide; just what is that?  Summer Slide is in basic terms is the schooling your child forgets over the summer break.  Some statistics are a bit shocking up to 30% of new knowledge your children have learned during the school year is lost during the summer break.

Simmer reading programs are a good way to reduce the percentages.  Reading is the key to knowledge, in that all text book use words to explain their respective subjects, be it math, science, or English.  I do know this having raised children, being a parent.  If the child does not understand the words in their text book then they can never understand the subject.  Reading and building vocabulary is good ways to have a child understand the importance of understanding what they read, regardless of the subject.

As a writer of fiction tales, I find that the readers that give me feedback on my books appreciate that I tell morality tales, stories with a point.  The real point here is that TV and video games really do nothing about growing a child’s reading skills.

Developing the habit of reading books, and developing a child’s imagination so they can understand what they read and also to be able to grasp what the story is really about goes a long way in their understanding of other subjects presented to them in print.  A fictional story is an abstraction of reality, and a writer sometimes writer in abstract terms to bring his point home to the reader.

The only way to really understand abstract ideas is to understand the words that describe them.  Think about this; math, science, and history are abstract ideas that a school child is expected to learn mostly through homework, and self-study.