One thing that we are taught growing up is that we have to change how things are done from time to time to ensure that life goes just a little bit smoother. Change, although hard to accept for some, is something that is inevitable, and comes whether one is prepared for it or not.

Change has come to Mesquite Local News, again. Recently being acquired by Battle Born Media, LLC, other changes had to follow.

Once again, our website has changed. Not by too much, but enough to notice, and possibly appreciate. Our comment system is much easier to use now. Gone are the days of entering a turing number automatically generated and would time out, causing commenters to lose their comments. Yes, that was very frustrating. Now, to comment on a story, just use your name, email address, and write your comment. Your email will only be displayed to the site administrator, not to the public. However, the MLN encourages everyone to mind what they say, the website comment system is not a place for hate or name-calling, but is a place to carry out a public conversation at anytime. Make sense? The comments will be moderated. Most will be posted.

We also still have our daily newsletter that can deliver an email to readers at 11 a.m. daily, when new stories have been posted to the site. For those who are not already on the mailing list, just go to and scroll down a little to the middle of the page. There is a signup form right there, and all of your information will remain confidential.

With our new changes bring some familiar faces.

Betty Freeman Haines, who wrote for the MLN several years ago, will be returning with her printed (and online) column called Front Porch Wisdom every other week.

According to an intro she provided the MLN, Betty “grew up among folks who used front porch sittin’ as a way of preserving family history and teaching life lessons.  She has long wanted to revive this art – but, alas, there is a problem.  You see she had no front porch, just a little cement slab outside her front door.  Furthermore, most of her neighbors are too busy to sit a spell, recall long ago lessons and learn some new ones.   But, once Betty says latches on to an idea, she behaves like a snapping turtle and refuses to let it go. Hence, she convinced the powers that be at MLN to allow her to revive the art of porch sittin’ with a newspaper column.  Beginning today, her Front Porch Wisdom column will appear in the Mesquite Local News.”

When Betty’s column is not in the MLN printed addition, readers will have a chance to see the works of our other columnists, such as JL Myers. He has been writing for the MLN for the past two years, and continues to educate the community on the Art of Writing.

We have also been changing the columns we have online, adding most recently the Jobs and the Economy column written by a few local experts and their colleagues. Also added was a column from a young woman who lives in Eureka, Nev. called Is This You.

As some may have noticed, the print edition has already had many changes: new masthead, bigger font, better spacing and even a little more of a community connection. Earlier in may, the MLN introduced a new feature provided by Erika Kuta Marler at the Heritage Museum called This Week In History which provides key years when something historical happened in the Virgin Valley. This feature is a work in progress, and we hope it will continue for a very long time. Knowing the history of the place where you live is a key part to being connected to that community.

As part of the ongoing changes with the MLN, the search to provide more for the readers is ongoing.

The MLN would like to have a recipe column online, at least, with a new recipe every week. So, if anyone has a recipe they would like to share, email it to or mail it to 114 N Sandhill Blvd Ste. C, Mesquite, NV 89027.

There will always be change, in one form or another. Nothing ever stays the same. And because of that, the MLN would like to see what you might want to have changed. We welcome ideas, tips and questions at any time. However, one thing that won’t change is that the MLN is about Local News, for the Local People. Our office is still open Mondays thru Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. where you can get your questions answered and more. By the way, our classifieds are still local, too. If you happen to stop by when no one is at the office, slip a note through the slot to the right of the doors, call 702-346-6397 and leave a message or send an email, and someone will get back to you on the next business day.