Lisa2014_1Weddings today have become big business, enticing those with money and careers… the wedding planner industry does about 40 billion dollars a year, according to sources. Young successful couples don’t have time to, (or actually don’t want to take the time), to figure out the details of their own wedding; hence “The Wedding Planner.” Planners have been around for decades, but really became a craze after the 2001 movie, “The Wedding Planner” starring Jennifer Lopez and Mathew McConaughey.

Dating back to the earlier years, 1950’s through 1960’s, weddings were smaller, some being more intimate by keeping the list of guests to a minimal, such as family and close friends. However, today there are people that invite a variety of guests to attend their weddings, which in the scheme of things can complicate details, not to mention planning the day through its entirety; including the honeymoon. Celebrities are among the many that hire planners, and while the guest list grows, the more money will be spent.

While searching for information on planners, I found a particular site that was quite interesting; “The Association of Bridal Consultants” and it’s been operating since 1955. They have a quality of standards one must follow; good to know; But in reality, I often wonder… what it would have been like if I had hired a wedding planner (?) I do agree as far as working a full-time job and then finding time to plan a wedding… it can become very frustrating. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower girl, Engagement party, Ceremony, Reception, Opening of the Gifts Party … it all adds up. Just the thought seems a bit overwhelming to me, though it doesn’t have to be. Again, there are movies that even make fun of the process of planning these events; Bridesmaids, Bride Wars and Something Borrowed … are actually funny, just to name a few.

I believe that we get carried away when we begin to plan for a large event, meaning something small can become much bigger than intended… such as the guest list, this is where it all starts. The bigger the list, the more invitations, food, larger hall and whatnot begins to happen. If you hire on a wedding planner, it should lessen the stress and responsibilities to the party tying the knot. It is easier to tell others that you were allowed so many guests on a budget (wedding planner), and hopefully doesn’t stir those bad feelings of not being able to invite a particular person(s). I think most of us have been there, as far as the “list” goes. The weddings are for the bride and groom, yet the wedding planners’ takes this a few steps further; and remember, this is how they earn their living. They usually get paid a commission, so the more money spent… the better the paycheck. Basically in laments terms, the wedding planner is an event coordinator and should have your best interest at hand, not to mention your budget, and most consultations are free. If you are looking for more information, you may have some answers by looking up … , here they offer information as well as ideas. I am not a big believer in wedding planners, but it’s all up to the individual. When you get right down to it, you are paying for a lot of meals and drinks… entertainment of sorts for all your guests (including your planner). I say “save the money and use it on the two of you!” Of course if you are a celebrity… no worries there. Whatever your choices are, be happy about them and enjoy your big day!

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