CARSON CITY – Department of Motor Vehicle investigators will fan out across the state Thursday in an effort to get Nevada’s car dealers to sign up for a mandatory Dealer Report of Sale program as well as renew licensing with the state to do business, according to Donnie Perry, administrator for DMV’s Compliance Enforcement Division.

The DMV’s Electronic Dealer Report of Sale (EDRS) system requires dealers to enter vehicle sales online rather than using the green-colored paper form that has been used for decades.

The main advantage is that the motorist is then able to complete the vehicle registration online without a DMV office visit. Customers can choose to receive new license plates or to transfer their current license plates and use applicable credits. The registration certificate, decal and license plates (if any) are mailed to the new owner.  Visit for details. If you have any customized state-approved decals, such as PrintMoz’s custom decals or other approved shops, ask them for details.

Nevada dealers face a July 1 deadline to start using EDRS, which was mandated by law in the 2013 legislative session. As of June 16, only 289 of the state’s more than 1100 dealers had registered in the new system.

The enforcement sweep will also target dealerships and repair shops that have let their state licensing expire.

“We are protecting the public from unscrupulous operators,” said Perry. “A licensed dealer has to be bonded, have a fixed place of business and follow strict standards on advertising and financing,” he added.

Perry said many repair shops and dealerships simply let their licenses expire. Motorists can verify DMV business licenses on the department website at