June 9th’s GAS Club skins game was definitely a hot affair with temperatures well above the 100 degree mark but it didn’t stop the teams from coming out to play a best-ball on all but the par 3’s (2 scores). Didn’t lose anyone to heat stroke but the thirst factor went up in the clubhouse.

Bill Losh is still the “man” to team with if you want to be in the winner’s circle. His three birdies helped as he teamed with Jim Buttler to win first place, nosing out Dave Calmelat and Alex Churchich by a stroke.

Rather unusual but with all the birdies no one could win a skin. The next Monday skins game on June 16th will be a big one.

Low net and gross went to Dave Calmelat. Dave has his game peaking just in time for the mesquite challenge on June 16.

Closest to the pin winners for last Monday were Jim Buttler on hole #2, Dave Calmelat on hole #5 and Larry Mierisch on hole #8.

The GAS Club rounds for Wednesday, June 11 played the same format as Monday and had another close finish. As before, Bill Losh “the man” drug Jim Buttler through 18 holes and managed to eke out another win. His birdies on two of the toughest holes (4 and13) were the margin needed. The birdie on #13 was by “Mr. Clutch” after Jim Buttler hit the wrong ball and was out of the hole. Dave Calmelat and Larry Mierisch placed second. Bill and Dave are very popular when it comes to getting a team mate.

Skins were won by Alex Churchich, Dave Calmelat and (4) by Bill Losh. His handicap is dropping like a hot rock.

There were five closest to the pin winners and were not spread around too well Wednesday. Terry Spriggs was getting back in form after his chemo treatment by winning two, and who else would win the other three but Bill Losh. We all know what everyone is saying about his handicap.

Anyone wanting to play in the Mesquite Challenge on Monday, June 16 can contact Jim Buttler at 702-346-2714 or Brian Wursten at 702-346-6363.