[slideshow_deploy id=’1449′]On Saturday morning, May 31, 2014 five members of the NFL joined Coach Yori Ludvigson at football practice with the varsity and junior teams of Virgin Valley High School.

One of the NFL players, Reno Mahe, a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, stayed the day and brought his family to the Luau that night.

Also attending were David Anderson and his wife, Mary. David was Principal of VVHS from 1977-1986.

Jarrod and Emily Johnson and their friends Lyle and Christine Memmott were there to support their sons Brayden and Andrew who are best friends. The boys play center and quarterback respectively for the JV team.

About a hundred and fifty supporters of the football teams enjoyed a delicious pulled-pork and spicy meatball dinner, followed by the Seui and Kanfusi families’ entertainment by performing several hula dances and a war dance that are common of different Pacific Islands.

After the professionals danced, the MC, Sam Lutui had JV players Branden Haun, Chase Henderson and Hogen Fowles try the war dance. This brought a bit of laughter and more money into the fund. It was a very fun and successful night. Coach Ludvigson, staff and the football players thanked those who provided countless hours and product to this event.