The final weekend of the Nevada State Bowling Tournament wrapped up May 10 and 11 at the Virgin River Bowling Center, bringing some medals and prize money to Mesquite competitors.

The team of Broads N Bob, Debbie Hansen, Marty Wilks, Jane Burgoyne and Bob Napper held on to their second week lead to claim first place in the Team 179 & Down Division.

Gary Higashi’s third week lead stood up, placing first in the Singles 180 & Up Division. He also finished second in his All Events Division.

Jane Burgoyne was second in the 179 & Down Division, too.

Saturday, Adrianne Barela of Las Vegas rolled 12 strikes in her first singles game to record the tournament’s second perfect game.
Unofficial Results: (Each group/field determined by Established Average)

Team – 180 & Up
Mesquite Crew
Reiko’s Boys

Team – 179 & Down
1. Broads N Bob            2900
5. Oasis Chiropractic      2800
Four Aces
Madame 9
Maxxximun Fun

Singles – 180 & Up
2. Gary Higashi              792
3. Chad Klein                 787
4. Jeff Jacobson             774
Danny Barker
Doug Love
Steve Ginther
Darwin Wimer
Maury Hardman

Singles – 179 & Down
T8. Maria Flynn              745
10. Max Burgess           743
John Kinnear
Gerry Bardleleben
Jayne Burgoyne
Ryan Baeza
Ron Nichols
Rieko Schultz
Mila Rund
Tony Zagresky
Marcus Delgadillo
Betty Ann Burges
David Guckenburg

Doubles – 180 & Up
Max Burgess/Doug Love
Ronn Karr/Darwin Wimer
Steve Ginther/Steve Barr
Doug Love/Darwin Wimer

Doubles – 179 & Down
3. Jane Burgoyne/Darwin Wimer  1449
6. Laura Branchini/Mike Ferris     1411
7. Larry Stineman/Ron Nichols    1404
9. Marty Wilks/Jane Burgonye    1398
Betty Ann Burgess/Max Burgess
Pat Guckenburg/David Guckenburg
Rick Burton/Doug Love
Phil Rivaldo/Lonnie Shadrick

All Events – 180 & Up
1. Gary Higishi               2367
6.  Jeff Jacobson            2139
7. Danny Barker             2121
10. Chad Klein               2087
Darwin Wimer
Doug Love
Bob Morgan
Gene Peters

All Events – 179 & Down
2 Jayne Burgoyne          2212
6. John Kinnear              2167
Debbie Hansen
Marcus Delgadillo
Betty Ann Burgess
Doug Adriance