MLN-Fostersmay8-14We Care for Animals (WCFA) organization does not have a physical shelter. All of the animals in their care stay in foster homes until adopted by their forever family. But WCFA can only help as many animals as they have space for in a foster home. When rescues are full, homeless animals have no place else to go but to a shelter. Even if people can’t give a homeless pet a forever home, the organization asks people to consider helping by becoming a Foster Parent.

Foster parents care for a homeless pet(s) as if he was their own until he is adopted. Foster homes help these animals become more adoptable by providing socialization and basic training, plus providing much needed love and attention. By training or re-training an animal in how to live in a home setting, foster homes help increase the odds for a smooth and successful transition into a permanent adoptive home. Orphaned baby animals require much more care for them to survive on their own.

A foster parent is able to learn the pet’s personality, likes and dislikes so he can be better matched to the right forever home. Foster parents save lives.

It is impossible to predict how long an animal will remain in foster care. Some pets are adopted out within 24 hours and others can wait weeks to find a home.

Foster parent responsibilities include welcoming the pet into the family, as part of the family. Foster parents must be able to provide a clean, safe environment in which to care for the animal to prevent injury and the spread of disease. Foster parents also make the pet available for WCFA’s adoption events and other special events.

WCFA provides the necessary items to allow the Foster parents to care for the pet, such as food, pet bed or crate, litter, litter box, etc. WCFA will also handle any medical care for the pet including spay/neuter, vaccinations, and any medications necessary. The Foster parents alert WCFA immediately to any new medical condition of the pet.

The personal reward for helping these wonderful animals is tremendous. The joy of seeing an animal placed into a loving, permanent home, knowing that as a foster parent you have directly made a difference in, or even saved the animal’s life, is extremely rewarding

Foster parents save hundreds of lives each year by opening their homes and hearts to help young, ill, injured, abused, or under-socialized animals.

Interested people should call 346-3326 and leave a message or go and complete the foster application. E-mail