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On April 26 the first pitch was thrown and the game was on its way in Las Vegas.

The Recreation Center and Nick Montoya set up a fundraiser with the Las Vegas 51’s for the local Little League Baseball and Softball Program. The 51’s set up a price of giving back 30% to our youth league.

“It worked out great we sold around 80 tickets from the valley,” Montoya noted.

One of the best parts was the kids had the opportunity to go onto the field during the seventh inning stretch and sang, “take me out to the ball game”.

​It was fun filled night as the participants received Las Vegas 51’s hats, great seats, the 51’s won the game, a great fireworks display after the game and then Free Slurpees to finish the night.​

​“We would like to thank Melissa Harkavy of the 51’s organization for a great time and support of helping our leagues 2 year of existence in Mesquite,” said Montoya.​