After the second weekend we had a few new faces crack the top ten while others held on to their positions in the 2014 Nevada State Open Championship at the Virgin River Bowling Center.

In the Team Division 180 and up Kelly Smith Investments moved into 9th place with a 2637.  Oasis Chiropractic’s 2800 was good enough to maintain 1st place in the Team Division 179 and Below.

This division had three new additions to the top ten. The Flintshoes rolled 2677 for 6th, Madame 9 scored 2675 for 7th, and Maxxximum Fun’s 2669 tied them for 8th.

Laura Branchini and Mike Ferris, 1411 and Larry Stineman and Ron Nichols 1404, each held on to their 3rd and 4th positions in the doubles Div. 179 and Down.

The 1394 bowled by Betty Ann and Max Burgess moved them into a tie for 8th.

Doug Love had a nice 714 to move him into 8th place in the 180 and Up Division.

Two new bowlers are in the All Events, one in each division.

Doug Love’s 2036 is good for 10th in the 180 and up and Betty Ann Burgess is also in 10th in the 179 and down with a 2055.

The tournament has two more weekends left. Squad times are Friday at 6PM, Saturday at 9AM,Noon, and 3PM, and Sunday 9AM and Noon.

Come in to the Virgin River and watch our bowlers compete. They are representing Mesquite well.