To the Editor:

My family and I have fought for the U.S. since World War I, some died in this service. We believe in this country.

People like (U.S. Sen.) Harry Reid and others are supposed to represent this country, founded for the people by the people. But they seem to represent themselves and private enterprise.

The Bundy situation and all the people who have come forward to stand up against the BLM’s oppressive enforcement were called “domestic terrorists” by Reid recently.

Every word that comes from Reid’s mouth seems to be a lie. There were no children standing in front of those patriots as shields so they would be the first ones harmed if the BLM agents fired on the crowd. Some people were not armed; others had semi-auto weapons to protect Bundy and his family,

Two of Bundy’s bulls were shot, one from a helicopter. And I believe somewhere between 80-90 cattle were shot and killed by the BLM and their hired cowboys. These were buried in a shallow grave. The cattle that were killed could have fed hundreds of people. Think about it when you sit down to a beef steak, roast or ribs.

Those Friends of Gold Butte are environmental activists who want to take more rights away from the people by making Gold Butte a national conservation area.

The land rightfully belongs to the people of the sovereign state of Nevada. It does not belong to the federal government. Whatever happened to the “open range” and the grandfather law? Our government has gotten totally out of control.

We must stand up to the oppressors.

Reid and his son Rory want to build solar farms. This is great, just don’t steal the land that you were voted in to protect for all of us to use.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

Davie Henry
Beaver Dam, Ariz.