To the Editor:

It was with a heavy heart that I watched the events that transpired in Bunkerville and Gold Butte during the last several weeks.  Like Mr. Bundy, I

too have lived, worked and played in Southern Nevada all my life. The use of the Gold Butte resources are just as important to me as they are to Mr. Bundy.  Like him, that is my land too.

For many years, I have watched this confrontation develop and I have yet to understand what “civil rights” of Mr. Bundy’s have been violated. I understand that the BLM in not totally blameless in this predicament; that they often times have not taken the desires of the local citizens into consideration when they have made decision on how to manage our lands in Nevada.

But Mr. Bundy’s blatant disregard of the rule of law causes me great concern.  What if all our citizens took his attitude about whether to obey laws or not?

It was very disconcerting to watch truckloads of strangers riding down the streets of Mesquite and Bunkerville displaying flags that are associated with armed rebellion and strangers armed with assault weapons supporting Mr. Bundy.  Many thousands of dollars are spent in the Virgin Valley and Moapa Valley to promote our communities as great destinations to visit and recreate.

Now in just a few short weeks, we have become an area where peaceful citizens are afraid to travel.  Just look at the recent decline in the attendance of the Clark County Fair in Overton. The economic consequences of Mr. Bundy’s rebellion will be felt in our communities for a long time. In his fight against what he perceives as his right to do whatever he pleases with the resources of our community, he has harmed our economies and jeopardized all of our rights to enjoy this great part of Southern Nevada.

Frank Adams