Connie Gunther with her winning pup, Pico. Submitted photo.

Connie Gunther with her winning pup, Pico. Submitted photo.

It was Easter Egg Hunting for the Marilyn Park Pups and Pals again on Friday, April 18. A big surprise greeted the eager hunters… the Easter Bunny was there to greet them.

Brent Pettit, a friend of the group of dog lovers, made a magnificent Mr. Easter Bunny who checked with each pup to see what they had hoped to find in their Easter Basket on Easter Sunday. He stayed to see if their behavior was good enough to get those desired treats and congratulate the winner of the egg hunt. Mr. Cottontail was as surprised as we were to find that our tiny Chihuahua, Pico, owned by Connie Gunther, was the one in the winner’s circle with over 31 eggs to his credit.

Each egg had to be located by the dog and touched before being picked up by the pal. Little Riley, our very newest pup, greeted the Easter Bunny with not an ounce of fear, also finding six eggs, beginning her hunting career. All pups and pals were diligent in observing all the rules.

After quickly finding 189 eggs, the group enjoyed refreshments while observing some diligent tasks hidden in the eggs for the pups. Bunny hops by the pals awarded their pips additional eggs to count.

Extra treats were earned by Cody and his owner, Tillie Amijo, by Ann-Marie Isenberg, the event’s leader.

Roady, the Bijon Frise, and his owner Kay Spearman were quite successful in their first hunt.