Debra Beatty_1“Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” by Bronnie Ware, a hospice worker from Australia, is a must read. Senior citizens will find that it is stimulating, informative and easy reading.

According to Ware people facing death go through a wide range of emotions and do a mental life review or we can call it a personal growth review. They look at their life and dissect it like a skilled pathologist during an autopsy. This process helps them make peace with themselves and permits them to die peacefully.

The five top regrets are:

1. Live life true to myself not life others expected.
In an attempt to please our parents, our siblings, our spouse we frequently live a life that agrees with other people wants, desires and demands for us not what we want for ourselves. Our dreams are important to us.

2. Wish they had not worked so hard.
We throw ourselves into work making it a number one priority. We work long hours and come home tired. Because of this we frequently miss out on our children’s growth and special events. Spouses grow distant because one or both people are wrapped up in their work. Work also is an outlet from our personal lives. Females who are heads of households wear many demanding hats and spread themselves thin.

3. Courage to express my feelings.
We all are careful to stuff our feelings in our marriage, at work or in our homes. We compromise to promote peace, harmony and to get along with others. Medical science has proven that many devastating illnesses are from stuffed feelings. We cannot control what other think.

4. Remain in touch with friends.
Friends and friendship are a golden gift. Don’t abuse your true friends. Don’t get so busy at work that you ignore these wonderful people in your life.

5. Let myself be happier.
Many people, do not know that happiness is a personal choice. They do believe that others make them happy. They did not learn that if they are happy people around them will be happy. People have to learn what makes them happy and pursue events that brings joy into their lives.

Life is a choice. It is your life. It is your choice.

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