To the Editor:

Mr. Cliven Bundy is back in the news I see, causing hate and contention. How dare he run his cattle on Nevada lands, without the blessing of a federal bureaucracy. How dare he run 200 head or so cattle! Mr. Bundy you should be running 3 to 4 times that amount of cattle, maybe even more! It’s amazing that we have let the BLM be in charge of the public lands.

Like most government agencies the only thing they can do well is waste

resources, and whatever they touch turns to dust, and in this case it truly may be dust our public lands turn to if we the people continue to let them manage it.

A world renowned expert Alan Savory did a presentation at a Ted Talkevent. In that presentation he spoke of the decision that was made to terminate the lives of 40,000 elephants in Africa. Experts came to the conclusion that the herd was too large and the land could not support them. After the termination of 40,000 elephants the land continued to deteriorate, desertification was accelerating. The solution to stop and reverse the desertification of the land was to introduce a massive herd of cattle to replace the loss of the elephants. With that introduction of cattle the land revived. Mr. Savory found that the increase of herds, mimicking nature, increases the productivity of land. Mr. Savory continues in his talk to explain when he came to America he was surprised to see lands in such poor conditions and desertification expanding. He found that cattle had been removed and through research came to the same conclusion, that the removal of herds from these lands accelerated desertification as well.

A hundred years of so called science management has only increased the loss of lands


Philip O. Jensen
Ivins, Utah