To the Editor:

On behalf of the entire team at Wolf Creek Golf Club, myself, and my brother Chad, I would like to thank the entire Virgin Valley and Mesquite community for its incredible support over the past few weeks. As many of your readers are aware, Chad and I made the difficult decision to close Wolf Creek a few weeks ago in order to vastly improve our greens and the overall condition of the golf course.  We are happy to report that the golf course is in great shape and we have succeeded in this challenging endeavor.

It is our belief that a golf course maintenance miracle was performed.

Our greens have healed, and the rest of the course, overall, is well on its way to being back to the standards that we here at Wolf Creek are known for throughout this region, the country and the world.

This amazing result would not have possible without the support of so many people throughout the Virgin Valley and Mesquite.  I was personally moved by the number of people who contacted me and/or one of our team members at Wolf Creek over the past few weeks offering to help our company in any way possible.  I can’t remember a time in my many years of doing business here in this city where so many people came together to support us from all parts of the region and community.  It was really moving to me; my words of gratitude can’t express enough the thanks that they truly deserve.  Having said that, knowing that there are too many people to thank at one time, I would like to give special thanks to the following groups and individuals: Golf Maintenance Solutions, Timberstone Landscaping, Eureka Casino Resort, Pulte Dell Webb/ Conestoga Golf Club, Falcon Ridge Golf Course,  Kokopelli Landscaping,  Ready Golf and Gear, Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, Legacy Construction, US Foods, Nevada Beverage, Mark Luthman, Greg Lee, Andre Carrier, Quincy Edwards, Travis McDowell, Mark Whetzel, Brian Wursten, Kelby Hughes, Cresent Hardy, Kathy Lee, John Williams, Bill Hurd , Ernie Hoffman, Cody Law, Jeremy Nelson, all four media outlets in Mesquite:  Desert Valley Times, Mesquite Local News, Mesquite Citizen Journal, and Let’s Talk Nevada.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to recognize our incredible team at Wolf Creek for working hard and making many sacrifices over the past few weeks. Their hard work, dedication, and pursuit of excellence helped us achieve one of the greatest golf maintenance comebacks of all time. This effort was truly remarkable considering the pressure and time frame given. Simply, an amazing accomplishment!


Cory Clemetson
Co-Owner Wolf Creek Golf Club