Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. (MRB) would like to thank the residents of the Mesquite region for their rapid attention to our request to identify the region’s immediate labor force.   The Mesquite region was going up against some very stiff competition for an extremely large warehouse and distribution center.  A nationally recognized, household name brand corporation was seeking a west coast location for their warehouse and distribution center.  The center would have encompassed 100 acres, a 750,000 square foot facility with 700 truck bays, and employ 500 employees in the first six months.

Late Friday afternoon, MRB was personally notified by a highly regarded site consulting firm of the Mesquite Region’s elimination from their search.

“The Mesquite region met all of the criteria the client required with the exception of one, an adequate labor force.  You have a very beautiful community with enormous capacity for commercial and industrial growth that is also beneficially positioned along the Interstate 15 corridor.  There is strong evidence of a very positive, proactive business climate and the economic development team was very responsive and professional.” stated the site consultant.  “We will definitely keep the Mesquite region in mind for future projects that will complement the available labor force.”

The Mesquite region initially came to the attention of the site consultant due to a response submitted by Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. to a RFI (request for information) from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Traditional labor statistics are not available due to the relatively low population of the community’s in the Mesquite region.  On the upside, the region has a close proximity to large neighboring labor pools. Because the Mesquite region was such a close fit for the client, MRB was asked by the site consultant to perform a regional labor study of the Mesquite region by placing blind employment ads in traditional print and social media networks.  MRB received approximately 375 e-mail responses and 86 telephone calls over a two-week period.

Stockman stated, “MRB’s take-away from this exercise is to keep in mind that our region can, indeed, attract national warehouse and distribution center attention but the proposed project should not require an excess of 200-300 employees.   The region has also gained a strong advocate for future warehouse and distribution centers within a major site consultant organization.”

In its ongoing efforts to target “Mesquite region compatible” warehouse and distribution centers, MRB has commissioned an analytical study of predictive behavior of corporations considering expansions and/or relocations of their warehouse and distribution processes.   MRB has received information for 47 companies that fit Mesquite’s unique situation.

Stockman added, “MRB wishes to thank everyone that took the time to respond to the ads.  We talked to many individuals with powerful stories about their need for local employment.  This only strengthens our resolve to diversify our economy and recruit companies with quality jobs for our residents.”

Warehouse and distribution centers are one of several targeted industries on MRB’s list of business sectors that would be successful in the Mesquite region.  Other MRB targeted industries include healthcare related medical devices, value added agricultural, etc.