Heroin Drug Trafficking Operation Busted by Mesquite Police

DrugBust-07-07-16Mesquite, NV – On Wednesday, June 22, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Mesquite Narcotics Detectives concluded a lengthy investigation involving large amounts of heroin being transported to Mesquite. During the course of the investigation, detectives had made multiple purchases of large amounts of heroin from a drug trafficker known to transport heroin into Mesquite. On June 22, detectives had knowledge the drug trafficker would again be transporting another large amount of heroin to Mesquite to sell. When the drug trafficker arrived in Mesquite, Mesquite Police Officers and Detectives were able to safely take him into custody and retrieve the heroin. 

Samuel Cuevas-Lima, 30, of Tijuana Mexico, was arrested and charged with: Eight felony counts of high level trafficking of a schedule 1 substance (heroin), one felony count of mid-level trafficking of a schedule 1 substance (heroin), nine felony counts of transporting a controlled substance (heroin), and nine felony counts of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substance act. 

Cuevas-Lima was transported and booked into the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.




  1. Ruth Pacheco says:

    Congratulations to the Mesquite police dept. & thank you for keeping trash like this out of our city!!

  2. Good job, officers. Was he an illegal?

  3. Big Mon says:

    Thank you MPD! Nice work!

  4. Dawn Newman Aerts says:

    I wish you would give the public advice on how to spot and report drug trafficking in the neighborhood, or at cover businesses — The local police and agencies need to have a way to include the public in what is going on. You need an army of a community to report and stop drug trafficking coming in from Mexico — it is ruining the lives of everyone, young people in high school

    I have noted suspicious activity — but the public needs to understand what is going on under their noses and figure out how to report and stop it. Take back America!

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