Mitt Romney – Hypocrite or just another politician?

By: Frank Shannon

This past Thursday, Mitt Romney gave a passionate speech where he excoriated Donald Trump, calling him several names and warning a Trump presidency would be a disaster for America.

This Romney stands in stark contrast to what we heard during the 2012 campaign when Mitt enjoyed Donald’s endorsement and money.  Romney, in 2012, called Trump an outstanding person and businessman.  Thursday, however, went on to say that Trump’s plan to stand up to China was crazy and would trigger a trade war.  Romney’s words don’t ring true when one looks at what was on his 2012 campaign website “Believe in America – Mitt Romney’s plan for Jobs and Economic Growth.”

Back then, Romney stated on his website:

  1. “Encouraging trade does not mean entering into agreements that disadvantage the United States or being soft with trading partners who ignore our agreements. … [T]he World Trade Organization litigation process has been singularly unreceptive to American interests. None of this is reason to embrace protectionism, but it is reason for tough bargaining and strict implementation.”
  2. “Impose punitive measures if unfair trade practices continue (Mitt Romney, No Apology).”
  3. “China’s unfair trade practices extend to the country’s manipulation of its currency to reduce the price of its products relative to those of competing nations such as ours. While the extent and impact of the manipulation is widely debated, the practice provides an invisible subsidy to Chinese goods sold internationally and an invisible tariff on other nations attempting to sell in China.”
  4. CONFRONTING CHINA – “China presents a broad set of problems that cry out urgently for solutions. It is time to end the Obama administration’s acquiescence to the one-way arrangements the Chinese have come to enjoy. We need a fresh and fearless approach to that trade relationship. Our first priority must be to put on the table all unilateral actions within our power to ensure that the Chinese adhere to existing agreements. Anyone with business experience knows that you can succeed in a negotiation only if you are willing to walk away. If we want the Chinese to play by the rules, we must be willing to say “no more” to a relationship that too often benefits them and harms us.”
  5. “(I would) Designate China a Currency Manipulator and Impose Countervailing Duties.
  6. “Current U.S. law requires that the Department of the Treasury release a biannual review in which it identifies any countries that are manipulating their currency to gain an unfair advantage. The Department of Commerce also has the power to find that Chinese currency policy constitutes an unfair subsidy to Chinese exporters, and to assess countervailing duties on Chinese products. The Obama administration has declined to take either action, effectively accepting China’s problematic practices. That acceptance has to end. If China fails to move quickly to bring its currency to fair value, the Department of the Treasury in a Romney administration will designate China a currency manipulator and the Department of Commerce will impose countervailing duties.”
  7. “The time has to come to lay out a series of steps that China must take to become a responsible member of the global economy. And the time has also come to lay out the consequences that would accompany its failure to make rapid progress toward that end. Despite what the Obama administration appears to believe, the United States is working from a position of strength. Mitt Romney understands that fundamental point and all that follows from it. He will seek to right our trade relationship with China and strengthen our commercial ties with the rest of the world. Nothing less than economic recovery is at stake.”

I would like to know if Governor Romney believes what he said in 2012 or was he misleading us to gain votes from the same folks that are now supporting Mr. Trump in huge numbers.

I think Mr. Romney owes those of us who voted for him an apology for misleading us in 2012 or he owes Mr. Trump an apology for misrepresenting what he said on TV about trade with China this past Thursday.

Romney would do better by listening to the strong message the American electorate is sending and working to bring Republicans together not attacking the candidate voter may prefer.  He should let the process work.

Frank Shannon served in the U.S. Army, was an engineering/operations manager for AT&T for 27 years, was the owner of a small manufacturing business for 23 years, served as Colorado Chair of the Coalition for a Prosperous America and moved to Mesquite in 2013.


  1. John Burrows says:

    Romney is trying to help save the American people from the disaster that would befall us if we are stupid enough to elect Trump, Hillary or Sanders. Despite the negativity he experienced in the prior election, he is willing to say what needs to be said because Trump is acting and talking like a 3rd grade kid almost every time he gets in front of an audience and opens his mouth.

    • The important thing here is to NOT ELECT a socialist, a coniveing liar that feels there are 2 sets of rules and last an arrogant narcissistic blow hard. I hope America wises up before its too late. God save the Republic.

  2. I heard Canada is a really nice place to live!

  3. Romney is a disgrace. He is currently running robo calls in Florida promoting Rubio and robo calls in Ohio promoting Kasich. I also worked on his campaign and feel he now has shown his true colors. The only solution to this problem is someone who will step up and put the country first and the Constitution. With so many Supreme Court appointments coming up we have much more to worry about than one issue. We are fighting for our very way of life and our country. The “R” party has truly brought about Trump because they would not listen to the people. If they mess up the Convention, the party is done.

  4. Greg Schwob says:

    Sadly and disappointingly, he is no better then Harry Reid.

  5. Paul Costantino says:

    Romney doesn’t need to apologize for speaking what any rational person would see as the truth. Trump needs to apologize for slandering women, minorities, Rino’s, foreigners, and anyone who criticizes his ridiculous ideas. Stupidity comes out of his mouth daily. Hopefully the American people will wake up before it’s too late.

  6. Observer says:

    Hey guys, haven’t you realized yet that Romney speaks not what he thinks but what he is told to speak. He is just a puppet who is being manipulated by some other masters. Forget about him!

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