Author: Trina Machacek

Minute by Minute

As my left eye creaked open this morning all I saw was the laminated red number 9 on my bedside clock.  It was the last number of the time because my ever present water bottle was covering the first part of the digital display. ...

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The “They” Sayers

Do “They” run your life?  When “they” speak do you obey their command?  When “they all” decide how to accomplish something do “we all” need to follow?  I say nope.  If you listen intently you might hear the cracking of the shell...

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Suitcase Mishaps

I love to fly.  Of course I mean in an airplane.  I use to think I would also like to test my nerve by skydiving.  Stepping out of a plane at ten thousand feet soaring through space like, well like a rock.  Then I woke up from...

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