Democrats hate Trump so much they are looking for any excuse to impeach him even though there is no evidence he did anything wrong. Most Democrats would rather witch hunt and investigate instead of legislate.They want illegals into the country because most of them vote for Democrats. Votes are more important to Democrats than any type of criminal behavior. They don’t care that they are harming the country.

They cannot accept that they lost the election. Since Hillary lost the election but won the popular vote, as sore losers, they want to eliminate the electoral college.

The people on MSNBC and CNN are sending out notices to all Democrats, these are your “hate Trump” talking points, and like parrots almost every Democrat repeats the same thing.

When Democrats call Trump a liar it’s just a meaningless talking point.

President Trump refuses to give up even if he has to overcome overwhelming odds because failure and lying are not in his makeup. The border crisis is costing taxpayers billions.

Trump has kept his promises and Democrats cannot accept that because they don’t keep theirs. They will say anything to get votes. They waste time and money on witch hunts like Mueller’s collusion theory. Trump and America have earned the respect of many countries and world leaders through his honesty and achievements and America is much better off today than it was 4 years ago. Trump has changed the character of America without the use of meaningless talking points.


Richard pavlo,



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