The asylum caravan

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The asylum caravan or should we say invasion force is on our southern border. The president of the U.S. and the mayor of Tijuana describe them as mobs seeking the eternal gravy train in America. The hordes are currently massing for the upcoming big break through at the border.

These people are not like the people who came west to find land to farm and start business. There was no welfare or government handout of money just the land if you could conquer it. These people at the border are headed toward the welfare offices of the stupid gringos because everything is free in America.

One wave of immigrants were called the “Dreamers” They were just looking for a chance but a study by Harvard University showed that 74 percent of them are now on welfare and essentially wards of the state, so much for opportunity.

Where did these people come from and how did they make it so far? Let say 5,000 people, think of the logistics maybe a gallon of water each a day, 5000 gallons of water, where did that come from and the food, tons of it. Also 3,000 miles on foot maybe 40 miles a day that about 75 days although I saw some of them get rides but still that was a fast journey. It was nice that they had a medical crew with them as you might think some of the people might have gotten blisters from the fast pace.

Looking at some of the pictures I did see buses and trucks helping some but for 5,000 people that is about 125 bus loads. Who paid for all of this? Makes you wonder when it also appeared to be people directing the whole event with black tee shirts and some kind of pull over to identify them.

Looking at the caravaners waving the flag of their country it didn’t seem much like they were desperate to escape which makes you wonder why they are coming north. Do you think it might be the free stuff in the United States? Of course all the free stuff is for the people who claim asylum. The Section 8 housing, the EBT cards, free college scholarships in many states and Mass Health benefits and let’s not kid ourselves the vast majority of these people will end up on the dole, as they have almost no skills and most do not speak English.

The good news is that they will soon be able to vote Democratic so they can protect their handouts, just like the millions who preceded them to the Land of the Free Stuff. They can even live in sanctuary cities so they can get away with crimes. Makes you wonder, where do the working classes of America go to get “asylum” from the foreign criminals who have already crossed our border or will cross with this group. Of course, not all the invaders participating will want to commit crimes. But some just commit crimes because that is the life they know and they know nothing will happen here so they continue.

Consider Luis Rodrigo Perez, a Dreamer, age 23, illegal immigrant from Mexico. His dream was to murder Americans, and this month he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, thanks to the fact that New Jersey refused to hold him on an ICE detainer when he was jailed on domestic violence charges.

Not only did New Jersey Democrats not honor the feds’ detainer, they didn’t even tell ICE when they cut him loose. Days later, the career criminal was in Springfield, Mo., accused of murdering three Americans. Two were heard begging for their lives. He allegedly wounded two others before finally being collared.

America wasn’t always like this. Once we were a sovereign nation. We had borders, and everyone had to obey the law, not just taxpayers, citizens and legal immigrants. But something happened Fifty-five years ago when John F. Kennedy was buried and Lynden Johnson took over. Eighteen months later, at the beh est of Ted Kennedy, the Democrats passed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. The floodgates then opened, and now the Democrats support ever more illegal immigration.


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  1. Thank you Mike Young.

  2. kathy holliday says:

    Obviously YOU need to educate yourself! There are numerous benefits doled out to these people and the United States LEGAL citizens must pay for it Check it out on

    Non-citizens eligible with no waiting period
    The following non-citizens are eligible with no waiting period:

    Qualified alien children under 18.
    Refugees admitted under section 207 of INA (includes victims of severe forms of trafficking).
    Victims of Trafficking under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.
    Asylees under Section 208 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
    Deportation withheld under 243(h) or 241(b)(3) of INA.
    Amerasian immigrants under 584 of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs Appropriations Act.
    Cuban or Haitian entrants as defined in 501(e) of the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980.
    Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants under Section 101(a)(27) of the INA.
    Certain American Indians born abroad.
    Members of Hmong or Highland Laotian tribes that helped the U.S. military during the Vietnam era, and who are legally living in the U.S., and their spouses or surviving spouses and unmarried dependent children.
    Elderly individuals born on or before Aug. 22, 1931 and who lawfully resided in the U.S. on Aug. 22, 1996.
    Lawful Permanent Residents in the U.S. and receiving government payments for disability or blindness.
    Lawful Permanent Residents with a military connection (veteran, on active duty, or spouse or child of a veteran or active duty service member).

    Pursuant to a legislative mandate, GAO provided information on the extent to which means-tested public benefits are provided to illegal aliens for the use of eligible individuals, focusing on: (1) the extent and the locations that selected federal means-tested benefits are being provided to illegal aliens for use by their U.S. citizen children; and (2) the nature and extent of fraud or misrepresentation detected in connection with these benefits.

    GAO noted that: (1) in fiscal year (FY) 1995, about $1.1 billion in Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and Food Stamp benefits were provided to households with an illegal alien parent for the use of his or her citizen child; (2) this amount accounted for about 3 percent of AFDC and 2 percent of Food Stamp benefit costs; (3) a vast majority of households receiving these benefits resided in a few states–85 percent of the AFDC households were in California, New York, Texas, and Arizona; (4) 81 percent of Food Stamp households were in California, Texas, and Arizona; (5) California households alone accounted for $720 million of the combined AFDC and Food Stamp caseloads; (6) although illegal aliens also received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Department of Housing and Urban Development housing assistance for their citizen children, data to develop estimates for these two programs were not available; (7) comprehensive national statistics on any misrepresentation or fraud perpetrated by illegal aliens receiving benefits on behalf of their citizen children are not available; (8) a few California counties’ studies of AFDC households indicate that the rates and types of potential misrepresentation or fraud are similar both for households headed by illegal aliens and for the general welfare population; (9) in these studies, one of the most commonly cited types of misrepresentation or fraud was the underreporting of income; (10) income is a key factor in determining program eligibility and benefit amounts and, when underreported, can result in overpayment of benefits; and (11) the states visited by GAO had procedures in place to verify income, but officials said that verifying individuals’ income from earnings obtained through the underground economy was very difficult–for both illegal aliens and for citizens–in part because these earnings are not documented or reported to state or federal databases used to verify employment or earnings.

    The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for landlords, home sellers, mortgage
    companies and even homeowners associations to discriminate against persons
    in any housing related transaction based on their national origin or immigration
    status. Following are a few examples of things housing providers cannot do
    because of a person’s immigration status or national origin:
    You Cannot Be Evicted From Housing
    Rules Cannot Unfairly Target Immigrants
    You Cannot Be Denied a Housing Application
    You Cannot Be Denied Housing For Sale or Rent
    You Cannot Be Charged More Rent or Related Fees
    You Cannot Be Assigned to One Area of a Building or Complex
    Advertisements Cannot State That Immigrants Are Not Wanted
    A Real Estate Agent Cannot Steer You to One Neighborhood or Area
    You Cannot Be Required to Show Extra Forms of Identification to Apply for
    Housing Like a Green Card, Passport or Social Security Card

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