The National Rifle Association is abandoned

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The National Rifle Association is being abandoned by several old partners who claimed to be friends. Several large companies such Hertz, Delta and United Airlines have severed their contractual deals with the NRA. It seems that these companies must support gun control or are just cowards. It seems funny considering the NRA had nothing to do with any shootings. All they do is support the rights of citizens provided for by the Constitution of the United States.

It seems strange that these companies that have thrived under our form of government now no longer support one of the basic rights provided for under the Constitution. First they cozy up to NRA and offer discounts to their members and then attempt to pull the rug out from under them. Is that the new way of doing business in America?

These companies should be ashamed of themselves. That group also includes Enterprise rent a car and First National Bank of Omaha. I hope this is not the way most businesses operate in America and I am glad some have stuck with the people who had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting.

If the news articles are correct there are more people now joining the NRA who stand for Americans rights under the Constitution.  I wonder how many new frequent flyer members Delta got or how many new people rushed to First Bank of Omaha because they dropped the NRA an American Constitution supporter.

By abandoning the NRA because some fringe groups put pressure on a company, is the poorest example of weak management. Abandoning the NRA under pressure from these groups who threaten a boycott is very foolish and going against the NRA could be foolhardy. The NRA has a very local following and those companies have made a very big mistake in the interest of pleasing some marginal groups. Some might say it’s just the students, but big private buses pulled up to transport the students to their rallies, must have been their school bus passes that arranged all that.

So far only a few companies have had the guts to standup to these far left groups. One company is FedEx and yes they disagree with some of the NRA positions but support the NRA’s right to pursue their mission which is completely legal and supported by millions of Americans and their families. Hooray, some American companies are not intimidated by blackmail and threats of boycott.

Does anyone think more laws will stop already lawless behavior? More laws do nothing to stop criminal behavior it only puts burdens on law abiding citizens. Let’s harden targets and make crimes using guns most harsh. Our whole legal system has become too permissive of crime.  Let’s also stop using the perpetrator’s name and picture so they will not get the publicity and notoriety many of them seem to crave.

There is not a doubt that the shooter did the crime yet the legal system will draw this out for years. Then after years in the legal system nothing will be accomplished to deter other bad guys. Those years in prison will cost the taxpayer perhaps millions of dollars and then maybe he is released because he was insane but now he has been cured and should be released. If detouring new shooters is our objective then punishment must be swift and final. Some may disagree but that way, we send a message, “do something like this and you know what will happen” no exceptions!


  1. Lenni Cunningham says:

    Ha ha ha that’s funny! Pull the rug out from under the NRA, did I read that right. Grow up.

  2. Janice Carter says:

    Apparently I don’t understand why NRA members were getting these discounts in the first place. I pay full price when renting a car, buying insurance and whatever other discounts were being offered. These companies are not taking away your guns or your rights to own one. They are just taking away your special discounts. I believe our constitution also protects free enterprise and if they no longer want to offer special discounts they are exercising their constitutional rights. There is more to the Constitution of the United States of America than just the 2nd Amendment.

    Janice Carter

    • Mike Young says:

      Janice – If your not getting a discount on anything you must not be a member of anything. Senior, AAA or any number of originations and groups. You might try joining some group, And yes there is more then the 2 amendment and they are all important but it is not a select the one you like it is all or nothing, that is the framework of our country.

  3. Lee Harper says:

    I dumped the NRA because they pulled the rug out.
    I was a member for many years.

  4. Dave Tracy says:

    Well all I can say is your all a bunch of cowards caving to the Liberal Media, why can’t you understand that its not the NRA or guns that kill people. We have laws on the books that if these nuts running loose were reported to the background check system, they wouldn’t be able to purchase firearms. As for me I stand up for the second amendment.

  5. I have been a NRA member for many, many years, and not once has the NRA advocated the killing of students. Mental cases have used weapons to commit crimes for a very long time and have gotten away with it because of our weak laws pertaining to mental illness. If gun laws were enforced, we would not be in this fix. Our politicians and some ill advised citizens seem to think it would be wise to add more laws instead of adhering to the ones we already have.The constitution has allowed for private citizens to have weapons to prevent the Government from becoming a dictatorship.

    The NRA has spent years advocating the proper use of firearms. If you do not want to carry a firearm, it is easy, do not carry one. The bad guys love to see an unarmed population. It all countries that have outlawed the private ownership have seen crimes skyrocket.

  6. What a crock! The big gun money from manufacturers pushes for any and every type of gun sale just to increase their profit. They would be delighted to sell flame throwers and machine guns as long as it increased profits. My NRA, unfortunately, has fallen victim to the huge flow of money into the club and now fronts for the gun lobby and supports the fight for more gun sales and more profit. I quit when it became obvious that no one was waking up to the menace NRA was supporting. Shooters and hunters have little need for semi-auto rifles design to kill only men, women and children. Save the baloney about what the Second Amendment might say, because it doesn’t.

  7. David Petrillo says:

    I leave the country and Mike writes a NRA love letter. Mike and the other NRA lovers can not see that the NRA is scamming them. The whole reason for the existence of the NRA is to help the gun and ammo manufacturers make huge profits. How does the NRA do that? They scare the hell out of people like Mike and his friends. There are killers behind every rock so you must have hundreds of guns and thousands of bullets to protect your family. Only in America!

    I am currently in Australia and have noticed that the people here seem to be very happy even though they are not armed to the teeth. I guess the NRA does not have a branch here. People are not scared and actually go out and walk the streets at night. What a refreshing place.

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