After Jacky Rosen voted to shut down the government yesterday, Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats just finished the job tonight. Their selfish stunt has put vulnerable seniors, children, and veterans at risk, as well as forcing our military to serve our country without pay.

By voting for Schumer’s shutdown, Democrats rejected numerous pieces of legislation that have broad bipartisan support. The plan would’ve delayed the unpopular “Cadillac” tax—a 40 percent tax on some employer-sponsored health insurance plans that nearly 1.3 million Nevadans are expected to pay—that hits the working class hardest. Sen. Dean Heller’s bipartisan bill to repeal the oppressive “Cadillac” tax previously passed the Senate 90-10.

And Democrats, including Rosen, also voted against reauthorizing the Children’s Health and Insurance Program (CHIP) and funding it for six years.

In a failing effort to distract from her reckless decision to close the federal government, Rosen introduced numerous bills today. Oddly, they are similar to bills Sen. Dean Heller has repeatedly introduced that would withhold Congress’s pay until they pass a budget and would allow our troops to continue to be paid during the shutdown.

But if Jacky Rosen was serious about supporting our troops, she wouldn’t have voted to take away their paychecks last night. Like her empty words about reauthorizing CHIP, Rosen’s bills are nothing more than pandering.

The American people have made it perfectly clear they are not happy with the Democrat-led shutdown of the government. According to a poll released by CNN today, 56 percent said they wanted Congress at all costs to approve a budget agreement to avoid a shutdown.

“Rosen’s bills today are nothing more than a sad attempt to cover her tracks,” Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper said. “Shutting down the government is reckless and inexcusable, and she will have to tell Nevadans why she chose to pull this cheap political stunt at the expense of seniors, children, the troops and our veterans. The voters won’t forget.”