Letter to Editor
In light of the recent police officer killings over the past few weeks we are so overwhelmed with the grief that our country is feeling. We truly wonder if everyone really and truly appreciates how much we rely on our officers protecting our beautiful country, states and cities (especially Mesquite!) If you find yourself wondering “what difference can I make” to change this situation.
Maybe, just maybe if everyone reading this message can thank an officer, or when in line, shake their hand & thank them, or if you are in a line at McDonalds (inside or drive up) buy their meal! This may not dramatically change the senseless killings that took place but hopefully it may show a little more gratitude to our amazing Mesquite police officers. Do take the time to let them know “We are here for them too!”
Thanks Mesquite!
Nancy & Richard McAlister

Mesquite, NV