Maximize your potential as a business

Everyone knows that good customer service is important to business.  In Mesquite, we have the opportunity to provide not just good customer service but excellent customer service.  Going above and beyond expectations and adding the impact of a unique … [Read more...]

The saga continues in the MMGA

JORDAN – YEH TIED AGAIN The Dave Jordan/Andrew Yeh saga continues and, as they did last Tuesday at Falcon Ridge, they tied again with each player shooting a quiet 78.  Yeh was low on the front nine with an even par 35 to Jordan’s 37. Yeh relu … [Read more...]

This Week in Local History July 27 – August 2

July 31st 1909 - U.S. President William Howard Taft's proclamation created Mukuntuweap National Monument. In 1917 new park director suggests name change to Zion. July 1914- Aschel Barnum falls in school cistern. (cistern was used to hold water fro … [Read more...]

Mesquite Police Captain Appointed To Nevada Public Safety Communications Committee

Mesquite Police Captain Scott Taylor has been appointed by Governor Sandoval to serve as a member of the newly formed Nevada Public Safety Communications Committee (NPSCC). The by-laws of the committee declare its purpose is to: 1) Represent … [Read more...]

How to stop a charging bureaucrat? Take away his credit card

If you can’t get a bill passed in Congress telling a federal agency to stop doing something, just slip some language into the appropriate appropriations bill denying funding for doing it. That’s what happened with wild horses. Though the law exp … [Read more...]

Time to make an example of open meeting scofflaws

Nevada’s open meeting law has been widely flouted and largely ignored by numerous public agencies across the state who find it inconvenient and unseemly to conduct the public’s business in public, and the attorneys general over the years have been loa … [Read more...]

Local Indexers Help Set World Record

Indexers from the Virgin Valley joined with others world-wide to set an international record for most records indexed in a twenty-four hour period. Indexing is a volunteer project started in 2006 by Family Search that creates researchable digital … [Read more...]

I’m Losing My Marbles

On the hot, summer afternoon I learned a novel way to keep priorities straight.  I was playing marbles in the front while Daddy’s mother and a couple of my aunts sat talking the front porch. One of my aunts remarked, “Seeing those kids play marbles re … [Read more...]

Statewide Contest Announced for Final Sesquicentennial Medallion

In honor of Nevada’s 150th birthday, the Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission invites all Nevadans to participate in choosing the design for the fourth Sesquicentennial commemorative medallion. This medallion, the final in the series of four being p … [Read more...]

MLCC wraps up summer fun

Mesquite Lutheran Childcare Center will be wrapping up its fun summer program this month at 450 Turtleback Road. Week one’s activities include circus plays with paper bag puppets. Week two, August 4 – 8 will take on a Fairy Tale theme with songs, m … [Read more...]