Stake Conference Sunday

The Mesquite Nevada Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will hold it's Stake Conference Sunday, June 15th. The conference will be held in the LDS Stake Center located at 100 N. Arrowhead at 10 a.m. Visitors are welcomed. … [Read more...]

Prior restraint just a form of censorship

“Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?” ― John Milton, Areopagitica It is called prior restraint. But that doesn't seem to stop Nevada judges. This past Friday, the last day of earl … [Read more...]

This week in History June 8-14th

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum This week in History June 8-14th 1866 –Lincoln County Created. Mesquite use to be a part of Lincoln County. 1925- First Silent Pictures shown in Mesquite on white plastered wall in Ho … [Read more...]

Lions Name Lion of the Year- Honor Scholarship Winner – Install New Board and Induct New Member

During the June Meeting of the Mesquite Lions, Bruce Allsop was named Lion of the Year.  Bruce has been a long time Lion and has been a member of the Mesquite Lions for 6 years. He has served in many capacities.  He has also been the “Lion Tamer” for … [Read more...]

No savings here

To the Editor: To Senator Reid, and those who voted for and support the Affordable Health Care Act. (AKA Obamacare). When does the affordable part kick in?  I just opened a letter telling me my insurance monthly premium is going up 32%. ($816.00 … [Read more...]

Pranks lead to bad impressions

To the Editor: When I moved into Mesquite in November 2013, I was warned to secure yard décor. Annually, high school seniors perform a prank of taking personal property. This year, our neighborhood was hit but no one laughed. Neighbors experienced … [Read more...]

Thank you, Mesquite

To the Editor: We come on holiday to Mesquite every year, we usually travel on silver rider with friendly drivers, but in April this year our friendly driver rescued myself and my poor wife who was in danger of being blown onto road, the gusts of … [Read more...]

New chief getting familiar with town

Kash Christopher started his job as Mesquite fire chief about two weeks ago, and so far the job has been as good as he expected it to be. “We have some really good paramedics,” he said. “I’ve watched them in action a couple of times. They’re very t … [Read more...]

Nevada leads nation in reducing carbon output

Those onerous and costly Environmental Protection Agency rules requiring power plants in each state to cut carbon output by 30 percent from its 2005 level by 2030 should not be so onerous and costly for Nevadans after all. We've already done … [Read more...]

At 79, Mesquite resident Claude Nielsen will be one of the favorites when Elvis Rocks Mesquite invades the CasaBlanca Showroom June 20-21

                    There is something mystical about the music of Elvis Presley especially when it comes in the form of Elvis Rocks Mesquite. Now entering its fifth … [Read more...]