Congress should rein in Obama’s war on fossil fuel

The price of gasoline in parts of the country has dropped below $2 a gallon after hovering near $4 for so long. In fact, in the most basic terms, the price of gasoline is the lowest it has ever been. According to the American Enterprise Institute, … [Read more...]

VVWD Board determines rate increase will not impose a significant impact to businesses despite opposition

Tuesday night’s Virgin Valley Water District Board Meeting was anything but simple as the board members discussed the current plan for rate fee increases and the impact that it would have on businesses. To determine what impact the rate increases w … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s City Council Meeting looks to the future; Firefighter agreement pulled

With a light agenda scheduled for the January 27 City Council meeting, Mayor Al Litman will be delivering his State of the City Address. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. at Council Chambers in City Hall, 10 E. Mesquite Boulevard and can also be viewed on … [Read more...]

Inaugural fundraiser for Kids For Sports rakes in strong base

Last Saturday’s first fundraiser for the Kids For Sports Foundation was “A huge success,” according to Nancy Hewett, Executive Assistant at Wolf Creek Golf Course. The event astonishingly sold out in just two weeks, bringing golfers to Mesquite from a … [Read more...]

Community Calendar Jan. 22 – 28, 2015

The Virgin Valley Artists Association is holding an artist’s reception at the gallery today for the UP, UP and Away exhibit which has been gracing the gallery walls during the month of January. The gallery is located at 15 West Mesquite Blvd and t … [Read more...]

Coffee with a Cop tomorrow

The Mesquite Police Department and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have partnered with Jack in the Box to brew up a community event. Mesquite’s first ever “Coffee with a Cop,” is an event where residents can connect with law enforcement over … [Read more...]

The Case for Economic Sovereignty

The word “sovereignty” originally referred to the right of a king to rule his territory as he pleased. Translated into republican terms, it covers the right of the people to similarly control the national territory and, more broadly, to order their li … [Read more...]

Tools of the Kitchen

If I had a hammer… (Go on try to get that song out of your head today.) Actually I do have a hammer. This particular hammer is mine. I use it for my things. It is my kitchen hammer. Now on with the story. In the past I have written about Fibber D … [Read more...]

Free Gas?

Driving by the local gas station I was shocked to see the price of gas below two dollars. It almost seemed like gas was free after paying almost five dollars in some places. I wonder what is going on. I had heard Obama’s previous Secretary of Energy S … [Read more...]

MCSO Blotter Jan. 21, 2015

WARRANT ARREST – BEAVER DAM (AZ STRIP)                     Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Victor Manuel Flores, 36, of Mesquite, Nevada, late Monday (1/19) morning on a felony warrant for failure to appear issued out of Page Justice Cour … [Read more...]