Bowling League Update Jan. 23, 2015

1/21/15 - EARLY RISERS 1. Broad’s N Bob 50-22 2. Coyotes 47-25 3. Retreads 44-28 4. Bowl Me Over 39-33 5. City Shoppes 38-34 6. Huggy Bears 34.5-37.5 7. Are We Done Yet? 33.5-38.5 8. 4 Friends 32-40 9. Walking Wounded 30.5-41.5 10. Brian’s B … [Read more...]

MCSO Blotter Jan. 23, 2015

RESISTING ARREST/DANGEROUS DRUGS – LITTLEFIELD (ARIZONA STRIP)   Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Kurt Michael Richards, 28, of St George, Utah, early Thursday (1/22) evening for possession of dangerous drugs, sixteen counts of possession … [Read more...]

Soccer Tournament Still Needs Volunteers

This weekend will be the younger class of soccer players Youth 9 to Youth 11 with 177 teams coming to town with their families.  They will be playing on all of Mesquite's fields from the High School, Rec Center, Woodbury Park to Bunkerville and then a … [Read more...]

Bowling League Updates Jan. 22, 2015

1/17/15 - SATURDAY YOUTH – Bantums HIGH GAME Girls: KaLeiah Hartley 123 Boys: Jacoby Ford 143 HIGH SERIES Girls: KaLeiah Hartley 217 Boys: Jacoby Ford 205 OTHER HIGH GAMES Boys: Brandaon Hall 123 Aundre Mosher 111 OTHER HIGH SE … [Read more...]

Kokopelli Athlete of the Week: Andrew Memmott

Sophomore Andrew Memmott led the Bulldogs in scoring this past weekend against Desert Pines and Lincoln County. Memmott came off the bench to score 9 and 13 points respectively. Memmott is one of three sophomores on the Bulldog squad who have a great … [Read more...]

Featured House & Home Business January 2015: Liberty Tax

The very mention of Internal Revenue Service causes distress and fear for most people.  April 15th seems to approach quickly every year.  Tax season brings the stress of gathering information, uncertainty about refunds or tax burdens, and the c … [Read more...]

Such a thrill

To the Editor: Our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the many people who made the Community Theater’s latest production a rip-roaring-laugh-out-loud success. Their radio show take on three Hitchcock movies was pure delight.  One of the many b … [Read more...]

Mesquite is a safe place

To the Editor: I am busy and had given myself that excuse for a week of procrastination. It would not be right to keep my “Thank you” to a single call to the business and a thrilled reporting to a few friends. Last week, I was with my friend vie … [Read more...]

This Week in History Jan. 22, 2015

January 22nd 1877 four foot wide canal finished for irrigation use. January 26th 1877 irrigation begins in Bunkerville. January 1898 town changes name from Mesquite Flats to Mesquite. … [Read more...]

Help Needed & Appreciated

To the Editor: My dear friend, Gladys Vielman, has been living in the Mesquite area since 1995. She has been going through difficult times since 2001 when she was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain. Gladys has received multiple surgical … [Read more...]