Laxalt proven correct in joining lawsuit challenging Obama executive order

When Nevada’s new Republican attorney general, Adam Laxalt, joined in the lawsuit with 25 other states challenging President Obama’s executive fiat granting amnesty from deportation and granting green cards and Social Security cards to millions of ill … [Read more...]

Hardy needs to protect Gold Butte

To the Editor: Representative Hardy was quoted as saying, “I think it’s time the federal government got out of our state.” (Rep. Hardy expects to see some action on federal land issues, MLN Feb. 19, 2015) What is not clear from the article is how h … [Read more...]


To the Editor: Ms. Stephanie Frehner’s article in the Mesquite Local News reflects a poor understanding of opposition to the Mesquite Regional Business Inc. (MRBI). Here are the primary concerns. The government should not spend tax dollars on s … [Read more...]

Loving Mesquite

To the Editor: I found the letter from the winter resident in the Feb. 19 issue interesting. There's a lot more she dislikes about Mesquite than she likes, but she states at the end of the letter that it's not intended as criticism so I'll take … [Read more...]

Focus on what we have

To the Editor: Kris Baker of Layton UT admonished “Mesquite businesspeople” last week to be more like Ukiah, CA or St. George UT, what with their “Costcos, Home Depots, Michael’s crafts, Targets, J.C. Penney’s and much other shopping” he wondered a … [Read more...]

A Dogs Story

To the Editor: Today I had a very interesting afternoon.  We live out here in the boonies in Scenic, AZ.  It's usually quiet and nothing much happens. With us lives a cat.  We don't let him run loose.  My wife fears he would be eaten by a coy … [Read more...]

Where’s the info?

To the Editor: On Saturday, January 24, 2015, a report of three home invaders storming a local home, tying up residents and making off with illegal drugs. Now that was pretty exciting, but since then, silence. I sure hope there is a follow-up or … [Read more...]

Council Approves Firefighter Agreement, Denies Management’s Agreement

The mood at Tuesday’s City Council meeting was a positive one, as the City presented awards to Volunteer of the Year, Joanne Migliozzi, and Distinguished Citizen of the Year, Gloria George. Migliozzi has been a volunteer with the city for since J … [Read more...]

Mesquite Chamber of Commerce to Hold a Ribbon Cutting at Warmington Residential – Open to the Public

Mesquite Chamber of Commerce is having a Ribbon Cutting for our newest member, Warmington Residential.  It will be held during their Open House on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at Noon.  Mayor Litman will be there to help cut the ribbon.  Warmington Re … [Read more...]

Community Calendar Feb. 26 – March 4, 2015

This weekend is all about the animals beginning with the We Care for Animals Pet Adoption which will be held on Saturday morning at 150 North Yucca Street at 9:30 a.m. We Care for Animals finds quality homes for homeless companion animals, … [Read more...]