Mesquite Senior Games Track and Field grows in 2014

The Mesquite Senior Games Track & Field Events were held last Saturday, but the 5km/10km Road Race and the Fitness Walk are yet to be held. They are scheduled this Saturday. The Mesquite Senior Games Track & Field Events were held at Virgin … [Read more...]

Senior Games Target Pistol Shooting draws 60 competitors

[slideshow_deploy id='935'] The Mesquite Senior Games Pistol Shooting competition was held at the Hidden Valley shooting range on Saturday, April 12, and had about 60 seniors competing in both centerfire and rimfire shooting.  The Mesquite Games … [Read more...]

A first hole in one after 35 years

Last Saturday at the Palms golf course Garr Roberts of Mesquite was playing in the weekly tournament with the 19th Hole Golf Group and recorded his first ever hole in one on No. 11. Roberts has been playing golf for over 35 years and has played with … [Read more...]

Bulldog team drop two at Cowboy Classic

Monday was a long day for the Virgin Valley High School Bulldogs baseball team as they lost two games at the Cowboy Classic baseball tournament at Chaparral High School in Las Vegas. The Bulldogs could only muster one run while giving up 26 to the … [Read more...]

Lady Dawgs rally to defeat Cowboys 14-13 last Wednesday

Normally a team that allows nine runs total in two out of the last three innings goes down in defeat. That was not the case with the Virgin Valley High School Lady Bulldogs as they rallied to score two runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to … [Read more...]

Bulldog baseball team lose to Cowboys 16-0 and Trojans 2-1

The Virgin Valley High School Bulldog baseball team lost two games last week, one by a lopsided score and the other a pitching duel. The Dawgs lost 16-0 on Wednesday to the Cowboys from Chaparral High School. The Cowboys dominated the Dawgs … [Read more...]

Bowling League Updates

4/10/14 - PRIME TIMERS - Final . The Ten Pins               54.5-41.5 2. Jeapers Creapers       53.5-42.5 3. Sidewinders               51-45 4. We-R-Here                49.5-46.5 5. Waddle Waddle Strike 40.5-55.5 6. Ron’s Bunch       … [Read more...]

VVLL Spring Girls League Standings 2014

WEEK # 1     8 - 11 Minor League Division LEAGUE RANKINGS                           WINS       LOSSES       TIE 1- Mesquite Citizen Journal            2          1          0            2- Cosmopolitan Dental                 2          0      … [Read more...]

VVLL Spring Boys League Standings 2014

WEEK # 2             8 - 10 Minor League Division    LEAGUE RANKINGS                                          WINS       LOSSES       TIE 1- Mesquite Dental                                    3        0        0 2- Reliance Connects           … [Read more...]

Bowling League Updates

4/2/14 - EARLY RISERS - Final 1. Broad’s N Bob           73-39 2. Walking Wounded      68.5-43.5 3. Coyotes                    65-47 4. Retreads                   58-54 5. Bowl Me Over            57-55 6. Afternoon Delight        56- … [Read more...]