Monday’s GAS Club keeps low scores with high temps

The Monday, July 7 gathering of the GAS Club brought out a bigger crowd despite the hot temperatures. With most of the regular members gone for the summer, the higher turnout was a shock to organizers. The four-man teams played a three-best-ball … [Read more...]

MMGA Update with Cup standings July 7, 2014

YEH EDGES JORDAN BY TWO SHOTS The MMGA teed it up at Coyote Springs on Tuesday and it was not windy not even at the Chase.  But the course won again.  Andrew Yeh, despite a triple bogey seven on the first hole, played the greens with the least a … [Read more...]

Summer Bowling Updates July 6, 2014

6/30/14 - ADULT / YOUTH 1. Strikers 22-6 2. Rock Stars 22-6 3. Chicago’s Best 21-7 4. Lots “O” Luck 21-7 5. Two Pin Heads 15-13 6. Ballerzzzz 12-2* 7. On the Ball 11-14 8. Team #6 11-17 9. Aliens 10-18 10. The Knights 9-19 11. Grammie & … [Read more...]

Hot days with hot scores for the GAS Club

All players survived the GAS Club’s Wednesday, July 2 golf matches in 114 degree temperatures. Some faired better than others, of course but no one had a melt down. The format was a three-man team, best two-ball score on each hole. The skins th … [Read more...]

Yeh takes low scores Monday

The Monday outing at Falcon Ridge was truly a hot affair at 111 degrees on the course at tee time, although this didn't stop Andrew Yeh from shooting a smooth 33 to take low gross and net. Hitting a 9-iron for his second shot on the par 5 first hole … [Read more...]

Manta Rays bring back big wins from Fredonia Invitational

Below are the results by all participants from the Mesquite Recreation Center Manta Rays Swim Team, including their placing, times, names and ages. For full results of all competitors, go to the Rec Center’s Facebook page at h … [Read more...]

Rec Center special hours Friday; summer hours posted

The City of Mesquite Athletics & Leisure Services Department would like to inform the community of our holiday hours schedule for the upcoming holiday that will affect The Mesquite Recreation Center and The Mesquite Community/Senior Center hours … [Read more...]

Summer Bowling League Update June 30, 2014

6/23/14 - ADULT / YOUTH 1. Rock Stars 17-4 2. Lots “O” Luck 17-4 3. Chicago’s Best 16-5 4. Strikers 15-6 5. Two Pin Heads 10-11 6. On the Ball 9-12 7. Team #6 9-12 8. Aliens 8-13 9. The Knights 7-14 10. Ballerzzzz 7-0* 11. Grammie & Sam … [Read more...]

Summer bowling league updates, June 27, 2014

6/19/14 - CITY HIGH ROLLERS II 1. Mighty Micks 20-8 2. Pin Pals 16.5-11.5 3. Ya Never Know 16-12 4. Madame 9 14.5-13.5 5. 14-14 6. Movin On Up 14-14 7. Spare Me 12-16 8. Dammers 11-17 9. Red Hots 11-14 10. Lucky Strikes … [Read more...]

MMGA reports tough week

MANNON TAKES OVER “FED EX” TOURNAMENT LEAD Tuesday at Falcon Ridge was just a normal MMGA day.  No I take that back.  There was no wind today.   But the results were the same.  Andrew Yeh trying to keep his mind on golf, chatted with Clark Mitchell … [Read more...]