Ranchers should charge BLM for thirsty horses

AUSTIN — One of the biggest problems facing Nevada ranchers all across the central swath of the state from the California to Utah borders is an overabundance of feral horses drinking water and eating forage rightfully set aside for cattle and sheep, b … [Read more...]

Thank you, Do It Best

To the Editor: Do It Best Corporation on Pioneer Blvd in Mesquite donated pallets of dry dog and cat food to the Mesquite Animal Shelter.  We cannot tell you how grateful we are regarding their generous gesture and donation of food. They reinforce … [Read more...]

Horsford doesn’t know what he’s talking about

To the Editor: In response to Congressman Steven Horsford’s reverence to the thugs carrying weapons around schools, churches and other community buildings. This is “BS.” This is a lie. He is not here to see the truth. I have been around visiting se … [Read more...]

Sage grouse bill garners support

If the federal land agencies insist on requiring special protections for sage grouse in Nevada and across the West, they should bear the brunt of the cost and not the state and local governments and private landowners, says Rep. Mark Amodei, who … [Read more...]

Ranchers need to strike while the iron is hot

“But do not be angry, my lord, that I make merry in this way; very often I have heard a truth told in jest.” — Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, 1390   AUSTIN — In late April in an old Methodist Church, ranchers and public officials huddled to dis … [Read more...]

Mesquite is safe

To the Editor: This morning I opened your paper and read the letter from Mr. Day of North Platte, NE. It literally made me laugh out loud. Mr. Day, you could hardly find a safer place than Mesquite, NV.  It is still one of those sweet small … [Read more...]

The best yet

To the Editor: To the out going editor... Where were you the last three years?  Your last column was your best. Up until this last column, I thought you pitched slow pitch softball for a living.... and seriously, good luck. Jim Olson Bunkerville … [Read more...]

Why replace the mayor?

To the Editor: Being we seem to need to replace the mayor? I have a few questions. 1. Why is a mayor needed? Let the city manager finish out the mayor’s term, but with no increase in pay! 2. If the mayor needs to be in office why can’t we have a sp … [Read more...]

Costs for solar arrays dropping

To the Editor: As a candidate for Trustee of the Overton Power District, I feel the need to comment on the article posted online on April 25, “OPD survey asks if you want solar power,” by Susan Santarcangelo (Editor’s note: the article appears on Pag … [Read more...]

No Mesquite visit for us

To the Editor: My wife has a friend who lives in your town. They went to college together.   Most people think they are sisters as they are very close. They try to see each other every two or three years. We’ve been planning a trip to Mesquite for t … [Read more...]