Court should stop federal public land agencies from usurping our rights

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The agencies in charge of federal public land have developed a penchant for “sue and settle” — some friendly environmental group files suit to demand protection of some weed, bug, minnow or rodent and the … [Read more...]

Looking Forward by Looking Back

With the 114th Congress just underway, the political world is focused intently on the road ahead. Taxes, trade, immigration, climate change, job creation, the Affordable Care Act  there’s a long list of issues and one burning question: whether a Re … [Read more...]

Now It’s Time to Focus on Growing the Economy

Recent economic news has been broadly reassuring. Retail sales are strong, November saw the best job gains in three years, the federal deficit is shrinking, the stock market is robust, and the Fed is expressing enough faith in the economy that an … [Read more...]

State should not interfere with life and death decisions of terminal patients

The founders of this nation were adherents to the concept of natural law, especially as outlined by philosopher John Locke, who stated that all individuals have the right to self-determination over their own lives, liberty and property and no … [Read more...]

Energy Regulations Drill Nevadans’ Wallets

By Marc Miles and Wayne Winegarden If forecasts predicting another brutally cold winter are correct, Americans' furnaces will soon be working overtime. Last year's frigid temperatures significantly increased heating bills across the country. For … [Read more...]

Time to take off the gloves when dealing federal land bureaucrats

Let’s just say our favorite red-headed Nevada congressman doesn’t turn the other cheek when he gets slapped by a miffed Washington bureaucrat. After Nevada Republican Congressman Mark Amodei added a rider to the Consolidated and Further Continuing … [Read more...]

Get a second opinion

To the Editor: It is easy to want to be trusting when living in a small and friendly community such as Mesquite.  We want our local services to provide us with quality goods and honest information.  However I would like to pass on this advice to e … [Read more...]

Look Up, Americans, It’s Not As Bad As You Think

We are one glum country. Trust in the federal government is at historic lows, according to Gallup. More than half of the respondents to an October Rasmussen poll think our best days are behind us. And just a few weeks ago, an NBC/Wall St. Journal … [Read more...]

The mere threat of sage grouse being listed as threatened is stifling development

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell came to Nevada earlier this month and told a meeting of Western governors in Las Vegas that her department’s goal is to find ways to protect the greater sage grouse without resorting to listing the bird under the E … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Protect Gold Butte

That was an excellent article (“Whitney Pocket perfect for an adventure” by Tom Garrison) about Gold Butte in Dec. 4th issue of the Mesquite Local News. It wonderfully illustrated both the potential economic benefits of making Gold Butte a more well k … [Read more...]