Hardy’s honesty questioned

To the editor: Cresent Hardy is being just plain dishonest in his statements regarding women and minorities.  Hardy may not want to admit he blames the problems of this country on women and minorities but during his recent fund raiser, when he … [Read more...]

Congrats to Sally Henrie!

To the editor: On Mesquite Night Out our Women's Defensive Weaponry Club booth was without one of our own, as Ms. Sally Henrie chose to compete on behalf of the Club in the Las Vegas Senior Games and came out a huge winner with 2 Golds, one for … [Read more...]

November’s Elections Won’t Resolve Much of Anything

Members of Congress are home now, campaigning for the upcoming elections. Their messages are all over the map, and for a good reason: they have very little to brag about. The Congress that just recessed until after the elections makes the 80th — t … [Read more...]

Voters should approve appeals court to speed delivery of justice

Between now and the November election you likely will hear this phrase repeated frequently: “Justice delayed is justice denied.” This pithy little aphorism is usually attributed to 19th century British Prime Minister William Gladstone and argues th … [Read more...]

Mesquite Vistas HOA President Responds To Stuckey & Wilson

To the Editor: There are some who believe a website is not anonymous simply because it has a mandatory URL (website address). The anonymity resides in not disclosing the names of the host; the steering committee members; the webmaster; the donors; … [Read more...]

The President and the Congress Should Work Together on Military Intervention

In his speech last week outlining his plans to use military force against the jihadists of the Islamic State, President Obama gave Congress only passing mention. “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL,” he said. “But I believe we are st … [Read more...]

Be aware of scams in everyday life

We’ve all heard about scams. They plague us daily in one form or another. Whether it’s another envelope from the sweepstakes company claiming you could win a million dollars a week for life, or an email from some Prince in India who wants to marry … [Read more...]

Really Anonymous?

To the editor: Gordon Shepherd, President of the Mesquite Vistas Home Owners Association Board, in his message when referencing the petition ​​that was circulated for his recall from office wrote, "The significant word in this petition movement is … [Read more...]

Mean Spirited Homeowners?

To the editor: Mesquite Vistas Community Association President Labels Homeowners, “mean spirited". Gordon Shepherd, President of the Mesquite Vistas Community Association continues to try to distract from the real issues in the "President's M … [Read more...]

Where are the manners?

To the editor: This evening I attended the showing of one of the  Film Festival movies  "My Shanghai".  Before the show began a lady was telling us about the documentation and the women this story was about.  We were all interested in what she was … [Read more...]